Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drawing inspiration from the swinging 60s!

     Another polyvore to inspire your day :)  There is a lot of 60's styling going on out there!  All of these styles (some vintage, some not) had their roots in the 60s, when the shift style morphed from simple into bold with extravagant patterns.  In the late 60s we pushed the edge by adding in psychedelic colors, loud flowers, and groovy prints.  If you would like to incorporate some 60s inspiration in your outfit without going over the top, try wearing some multi-colored resin or lucite bangles, a color block clutch (these are everywhere right now and are a great accessory!) or some flowers in the your hair!  Later this week I will be posting some of my own vintage and vintage inspired finds, for $15 and under!  

The Stylin' 60s- back with a vengeance!

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