Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn spice

 Happy TGIAF!  (Thank God it's almost Friday) haha!  Daniel and I had an amazing time in the Poconos last week, and I am happy to finally be sharing some photos.  First off, it is the peak time in the Poconos for Fall Foliage, the colors are unbelievable; from yellow to amber to fiery red and everything in between, there was no better time to experience the beauty of Fall.  Second off- we had gorgeous weather, though chilly- it was crisp and clean- with just a short burst of rainfall on Saturday.  We had some trouble getting the fire going when we first got up there- but Daniel got it down to a science so I wasn't bundled up in blankets the whole time.  We spent some time in Saylorsburg, where we went to the "Hotel of Horrors" a haunted house attraction, and sailed over to Jim Thorpe, about a half hour ride from the cabin, twice during our stay.  I really came to like Jim Thorpe!  There are so many cute little shops, bakeries, cafe's and historical sites, as well as a gorgeous river and train, and we weren't aware of it but some sort of festival was going on when we went back on Sunday and it was PACKED!  We didn't let that get in our way, though :)   
This coat was a gift from my boss at Clothes in the Past Lane.  I was so flattered that she decided to give it to me since I had been eyeing it for quite some time but had decided to save my money.  It was a going away present as I have accepted a new position that starts next week.  Right now is a huge transition time for me and I am really excited for my new opportunities, but I am trying to take it one step at a time.
This orange polka dot dress is another one of my fall favorites, the orange ruffles remind me of rustling leaves, and with the harvest gold/ peanut butter color of the coat it set off nicely against the Autumn backdrop.
I am quickly coming to see that my flats are not going to get me through the season, I badly need a pair of boots, and soon!  I am dreaming of a gorgeous chestnut brown faux leather tie up pair and a tall flat brown boot that I can wear everywhere- they are officially on the list!
Daniel got new jeans (yay!) since his other ones were completely falling apart.  We were joking that we could sell them as premium distressed jeans.  I got the flannel coat from Switch Skate and Snow on Main Street in Newark, (one of our neighbors at Clothes in the Past Lane) during one of their blow out sales- only $20!!! For a warm coat, I thought that was quite the steal- and it fits my incredibly tall husband perfectly.  Goodness I love this man, so glad we got to spend four uninterrupted days together!!
This was my outfit to Jim Thorpe when we went back on Sunday.  We toured the old Jim Thorpe Jail which is pretty spooky, and went for a wine tasting afterwards at a local winery just down the street, Big Creek Vineyard.  They were just a little place but had an amazing sweet La Brusca wine, and a great collection.  Usually I am all about the rich, deep red wines, but their's were a little too smoky, (even industrial if that makes sense?) so we settled on a bottle of sweet wine instead, and will be storing it for a special occasion. If you are in Jim Thorpe you have to take advantage of their wine tastings, they were quite affordable as well with their bottles starting at only $6.00!

What an incredible get-away it was.  I am so happy we settled on going up to the cabin, as originally we weren't sure where we wanted to go, but it ended up being the best choice.  I think next year we might stay a night or two in Jim Thorpe, we really enjoyed it there and would like to explore a little more.  I highly recommend a trip to the area if you are close by!  

Thanks for reading about my little trip, and I hope you are all enjoying your autumn adventures and still maniacally including pumpkin in each and every meal of the day, haha!  ( I know I am) :)

xo, Alyssa


  1. You are so colorful. I love it. I love your headband too!!

  2. Wow <3 The yellow coat really makes that red dress glow. Great pairing! That last outfit, though! Killer! Gorgeous colors and patterns! So intensely awesome!

    - Anna

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  3. You are as brightly-colored as fall, my dear.

    Love, Amy

  4. Great colors, as usual! Alex

  5. These photos are great, I love that your husband is willing to join in the shots :)! Love that yellow coat, too such pretty detail!

    <3 Megan

  6. Gorgeous foliage, and I'm obsessed with both of these coats!!! You look lovely and it sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

    xox Sammi

  7. That last photo of you two is just adorable! This sounds like the perfect fall getaway and I love the plaid cape and the mustard coat!!!

  8. such beautiful colors everywhere! i really love the coat that your (ex)boss bought for you -- that was soo nice of her. good luck on your new adventure :)


  9. So lovely! I just adore that polka dot dress of yours!
    You guys look great!
    Good luck on the new job!

  10. Wow. I am so amazed by your coat. You have so many gorgeous clothes but this definitely has to be up there as one of my absolute favourites. The colour is stunning and the detailing is really beautiful. I want it so mch. Love your whole outfit and the setting for your photos.

  11. You convert to fall into something special and magical with the colors of your looks, dear friend. I am in love with all your wardrobe!

  12. I came to greet you and say that you have been nominated for an award on my blog, of course, if you want it ... Feel free to ... Happy week, dear friend.

  13. I discovered your blog trhough Rosy! and I love your beautiful and different style!!!
    I stay here!!! Ah!! and congratulation for your wedding!!

  14. such cute outfits! I really like that mustard coat and your lip color :)

  15. What a fun place, and gorgeous too! I love your headband in the first few photos - so cute!
    Good luck with the transition to the new job :)