Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Lemon Moth hits refresh!

     Some of you may already know, but for anyone who does not, I have a little jewelry line called "The Lemon Moth".  I craft and sell quirky little earrings, romantic filigree rings and other novelty jewelry pieces that are available at the shop I manage "Clothes in the Past Lane" as well as a few pieces at Nicole Rae Styer boutique in Passyunk (right outside of Philly, PA).   My jewelry is usually just a creative whimsy of whatever is inspiring me at the moment. Though Lately, I have been super extra busy between the store, Kids Runway for Research (which I gather art donations for) and being on the board at the Center for the Creative Arts (whew!), so- needless to say, my little jewelry line was lacking in the "new arrivals" department.   I was really missing it- my hands were screaming "use me to craft!" but I kept saying "later!"  However,  I hit one of those crafting tangents a few days ago and I went off rolling into new ideas and thus- new items for my line!  I am really excited about these because they are all truly handcrafted and unique, using all kinds of fabrics and materials that I love dearly- and best of all- they are really fun!  I was inspired by textures (like in my last post) and colorful vintage style fabrics, bows, and flowers; and as you can see it is reflected in my latest collection.  I hope that you love or appreciate them as much as I do, let me know what you think!  Please take a peek at Clothes in the Past Lane if you are on Main Street, or check out my etsy shop late next week and I will have some things up for you to take a look!  As always, custom requests are welcome.  I would love to make something special for you!  Hooray for getting my hands back into crafting :)
Bow necklace $15 Bow Earrings $12 Bobby pin sets $10 Flower hair clip $8

Handcrafted Headbands $15 each
These headbands took me forever, but they are my pride and joy!  I absolutely love statement headbands and these are great to dress up any outfit!  

Cupcake bow $10 Pink bow $8 Large hair flower $12

So, there's just a little peek-
All handcrafted and Made with Love!  


Etsy shop:

check back late next week, nothing is posted yet! :)

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