Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Florals

     This was my Saturday outfit to work, I was feeling rather Eastery and pulled out this vintage floral dress and paired it with my big white lace bow and yellow tights.  The shoes I am wearing were actually my wedding shoes (from my favorite) Irregular Choice.  I love them for every and any occasion.  The weather was GORGEOUS and I couldn't help but twirl around in the grass and do a little dance :)

Anyway, I am not going to write much because I am off to my Aunt and Uncle's for Easter.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day that is filled with good food, laughter, love and a little Chocolate :)  I am so thankful for this day!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Orange Creamsicle and Blueberry polka dots-

     This is the first weekend in a long time that Daniel and I haven't had any "official plans", so that actually made it pretty exciting.  We made an impromtu visit to Philly yesterday to visit some of my favorite shops, and I really lucked out.  I had grand plans to take a ton of photos of our little journey, but unfortunately I forgot to load my camera with my SD card so I had to take these pictures after we got home.  I found this amazing vintage flannel cape at "Vagabond" on North Street.  It was love at first site... I know it  doesn't really match the outfit underneath it, but I actually thought that made it more fun and livened it up a bit.  I also got this amazing pink and yellow aztec dress that I actually discovered this past summer- and it was sitting on the sale rack in my size- half off! Good things come to those who wait ;)
       I had so much fun wearing around my floral crown, it's sort of my way to "rebel" against the chilly weather (come on Spring, where did you go??).  And this week was a little crazy and a bit of a reawakening for me personally.  I took a look inward and realized that I felt a little stifled, like I was holding back parts of myself.   So this weekend I just went all out, wore exactly what I wanted to; and didn't worry about what other people thought :)  

Outfit Details:  Headband:  H&M, Cape:  Vagabond, vintage Necklace:  Clothes in the Past Lane
Top & Pants: Forever 21
This weekend I have been working on some new pieces for my jewelry collection, wooden moth and butterfly necklaces made from vintage illustrations.  I've been taking the wooden pendants and drilling holes in them with my new "drill master" kit.  I am not the best with tools so it was a little intimidating at first but I think I've gotten the hang of it.  Later we will be picking up chains so I can make them into necklaces, I can't wait to post the finished products!!  
Oh, I am just so hoping for spring to come back.  The cold weather has really taken a toll on me.  My skin is dry and itchy, I'm tired of layering, and I miss the sunshine.  I am hoping that it will only take another week to get to the REAL spring weather.  But until then, I will continue to dress in my bright sunny colors, they make me smile and they remind me that sunnier days are ahead!  And flowers, oh I can not wait to see all the beautiful flowers come back!  I love when the colors of nature return :)
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, 

Happy Sunday!
xo, Alyssa

Monday, March 18, 2013

Secret Life of Plants

     The past few days I have taken quite a liking to everything plant related.  The approaching spring has me thinking about birds and blooms, butterflies and bees, fresh produce and long walks without several layers...aaaa, what a luxury :)  Some of you may not know- but my major in college was actually Agriculture and Natural Resources, and I had a minor in Entomology (and in Art), so very much of me is rooted in the natural world and in studying the animals and plants around me.  I am crazy about moths and butterflies and have been studying and raising them since I was four or five years old.   I worked as a nature camp counselor for four years, and then taught my own camps for two or three.  When the amazing opportunity to work with another passion of mine- fashion, arose, I took the reigns and delved right in..but often I miss my other love- the outdoors. 

      This weekend when Daniel and I were looking for a movie to watch I compulsively entered one word in the search bar "Plants".  The first movie that came up?  "Secret Life of Plants".  It appeared to be some kind of fancy documentary that was from the late 70s or early 80s- but heck, I thought- I love time-lapsed footage of plants and Planet Earth and bees buzzing around flowers- so I gave it a go.  Man, was I in for a surprise.  This do I describe this movie?  It was a plant documentary musical if there was such a thing...with several songs and an ending performance by Stevie Wonder, trippy time-lapse photography of plants and flowers, interpretive dances by a woman dressed as a growing flower, and an ode to a plant scientist and George Washington Carver (who invented peanut butter, hello!).  If it sounds like something you would be interested in, and you have time to have your mind blown (and be confused) you have to check it out!  And onward to my plant inspired ensembles... 
When I was scanning through these photos, I found that this outfit really reminds me of some whimsical, woodsy "Tea Party".  Between the colorful floral prints, bows and beads and floral printed flats, I could easily be attending an Alice In Wonderland themed "Forest Tea Party"- and I quite like that!
This jacket from Ark &Co, it is my go-to when the weather gets warmer but still cold enough to need something over my clothes.  It wasn't quite warm enough for yesterday so I ended up adding an extra layer underneath- but hopefully this week it will warm back up again so I can wear it on it's own.  For someone who dresses so bright- I found it really funny how much I blended into the natural landscape when I buttoned this jacket up!  It gave a nice contrast to the rest of my outfit and helped my pinks and greens really "pop!"
Tea Party in the woods, anyone?
 This photo was taken outside of the boutique where I work last Tuesday.  I was in a very flower-ific mood and wore my favorite vintage floral dress (again) with purple tights and my flower crown.  I love all of the colors in this dress, it makes it sooo easy to pair with different tights, cardigans and belts to switch up my lock each time.  

photo taken by Stephanie Wirth 

And an awesome sneak peek from the photo shoot I had with my friend Stephanie last weekend, (I was dressed as a rainbow goddess of sorts).  We traipsed all over where I grew up and took pictures in the fields, woods, along streams and on the railroad tracks, I had an amazing time and can't wait to see what these look like as gum bichromate prints!

Ready for the grooviest most fantastic plant documentary you have ever seen?  If so, you can find "Secret Life of Plants" for free here!

xo, Alyssa

Monday, March 11, 2013

Finally it's feelin like spring!

Well my friends- daylight savings time is here.  I had a hard time getting up yesterday morning, but man was it worth it.  Delaware has not seen weather this beautiful in months!  Saturday was warm, sunny, and hovered around the 60's (hallelujah!)  The park is back to being mobbed on Saturday afternoons (I have found some new off-the-beaten paths to avoid the droves) and the spring dresses are coming out in full swing!  I guess I am really loving these two colors lately! (mint/turquoise and pink)  I feel like every few days I am creating another outfit around the pairing, and it's been fun using different pieces to create the same theme of colors.  Somehow it almost always involved a pop of polka dots too, which I just can not get enough of!
Just a little recap of the outfits I have created around these colors before : 

This weekend was an absolute blast.  We had our friends Mark and Karin stay with us for the weekend and our time was filled with good food, movies, shopping, drinks and hilarious conversation.  After my long walk on Saturday morning in the back meadows of Glascow Park; Karin and I ventured to the mall which was seriously PACKED.  I found a few new things at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 and managed to get most things on Sale so luckily it wasn't too hard on my wallet.  Unfortunately, H&M had a line that was practically wrapping around the store so Karin and I put down the few items we had found but weren't completely in love with and moved on, haha!  So, my purchases from Forever 21 were this dress and pair of tights.  Ombre pink tights?!  Yes, please!!  I have been looking for a pair of ombre tights and when I found these I just could not put them down.  I found the cutest pale yellow cardigan that would have gone fabulously with the dress and tights but reason returned, telling me "you can wear these with something else, put it down" so I did- and I think that the royal blue is a really fun and funky mix up from my standard pastel yellow, pink, and green/blue.    
 I am really loving this dress.  The color is fun, the cut is flattering, and the style is so versatile (and polka dots, hello!)  To mix it up I also paired along with a royal blue sparkly cardigan and flamingo printed scarf I found at Target.  I think I would also mix it up with a bright yellow cardigan and some multicolored beads. 

Funny face :D

Outfit Details:  Dress & Tights- Forever 21, Cardigan- H&M, Headband- Delias, Earrings-  Francesca's
 I was so lucky to be able to spend so much time with friends this weekend!  I even got a chance to model for a friend yesterday for her photography project, hopefully I will have a few pictures to post sometime in the future when she has finished working with them.  She is planning to use a few to create gum bichromate photographs, which is a seriously cool alternative photography process, so exciting! 
Karin and I before she left our place yesterday <3
My friend Diana and I from Friday night- dressed in full rainbow regalia :)

Hope you are all adjusting to Daylight Savings Time and having a wonderful day!
xo, Alyssa

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prabal Gurung and Daniel's Birthday Weekend!

Oh Prabal Gurung for Target how I love thee...
I am so glad that I am finally getting around to wearing AND posting about this dress.  I am in LOVE with this floral "crush print" dress.  It was part of the Prabal Gurung Collectin for Target and I stalked it from the time I got a peek of it in a magazine (can not remember which one) till the time Target opened it's doors on February 10th.  I am so happy that I came away from the store that day with this piece.  I have to say, that for $49.99, both the design and construction is impeccable.  The colors are vivid, the fit is amazing (a skinny belt adds the perfect touch!) and the print is timeless and so fun.  I am super lucky to have a husband that not only got up with me that Sunday at 7 in the morning (we actually missed our alarm!) but also drove me to two different target stores when we didn't find the dress at the first one.  Luckily when we got to the second store they still had the dress in my size (phew!).  And super thanks to my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Donna for the holiday gift card that made this beauty practically free (even sweeter!) Did anyone else follow the Prabal Gurung Collection??  This is actually the first collaboration I've stalked.
Today is Daniel's Birthday (27, whew!!).  We have had a really fun and busy weekend, I am so sad it's almost over!  Friday night we went out for Malaysian food (super yum), yesterday I went on a hike and had lunch with my friend Diana and then we had Daniel's family over for Dinner, and today we had brunch with my folks, stopped over at the Comic Book store (Daniel's favorite :)  and are now enjoying some relaxing time at home...

Outfit Details:  Dress (Prabal Gurung for Target), Cardigan (Francesca's), Earrings, necklace (Clothes in the Past Lane, Belt, shoes, headband (Forever 21), Tights (American Apparel)

I hope you enjoyed my bright springy outfit (so excited for warmer weather!!!!) And hope you all are having a wonderful weekend :)

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening with Daniel!