Sunday, December 8, 2013

First snow of the season!

It feels so good to be back after a month long blogosphere hiatus!  Winter time and the shorter daylight hours have really taken some adjustment to get used to.  My new job is going wonderfully- I feel like such a lucky girl and am continuing to grow in both my creativity and knowledge on the job.  Autumn was such a powerful transitional time for me- and just a few days ago I turned 26- Twenty-six!  I can hardly believe it.  I celebrated with my friends last Sunday, with Daniel on Thursday (my actual birthday) and with family this weekend.  Wow, I really know how to stretch out a celebration, don't I?! Each year I tend to grow fearful of that additional digit- but honestly, this year I feel excited to be a little older.  I have really learned SO much in my twenties and every year I am uncovering more and more, it is such a whirlwind experience and I am wholly grateful for it.  I feel much more grounded than in my early twenties-  more aware of who I am and what I want to be- yet able to admit that I am inherently flawed and not at all perfect- and it's a pretty freeing realization.   

Coat:  Tulle, Tights:, Dress and Bag:  ModCloth, Hat: H&M, Necklace: Grandmother's <3

I can not tell you how lucky I felt on my birthday this year.  I worked a busy half day at work- where my coworkers sweetly sent me off at 2:00 pm with their well wishes- I hopped into a car with Daniel and drove off to my favorite restaurant in Philly- Vedge.  After our delicious vegetable cuisine (that place is SERIOUSLY my food Cloud 9) we made a visit to Sweet Freedom Bakery and took a stroll down South Street where I discovered a fun 70s poncho for 40% off! That was enough for me- but Daniel went above and beyond this year- surprising me with this amazing camera dress from ModCloth and a gorgeous pink cardigan covered in roses.   I gushed with joy when my in-laws gifted me with the adorable fox purse a few days later, they make the perfect quirky combo in my book ;) The most amazing gift of all? (besides being able to see the people I love most for my birthday).  National Geographic's Geno 2.0- a DNA analysis kit that allows you to trace your deep ancestral roots and reveals specific details about your genetic makeup.  I know, I am such a nerd- but it is something I have been interested in for so long- and to be able to participate is like a dream come true for me.  I can not wait to see my results!  

Getting back to this wintery scene-the first snow of the season fell today and boy did it accumulate fast.  Looking out my window- it finally appears to be slowing down- but not without leaving nearly a foot of snow!  It is officially winter time in Delaware, and while I am enjoying the sight of a white winter wonderland my summer heart longs for the sights of green grass and bright poppies from warmer days.

 It is truly amazing how a little snow can make even the dreariest setting look magical.  Usually I wouldn't find the back of our apartment buildings to be a desirable place to shoot, but admittedly it was the easiest place to walk to- and equally gorgeous in this spontaneous snow-down!
Although I much prefer warmer weather, there is something so innately playful and also comforting about a landscape blanketed in snow- the notion that life outside is slowing down- the perfect time and setting for cuddling up to your favorite book or movie and sipping something warm.  There is something to that carefree, "anything goes" approach to running in the snow, and then coming back inside to feel your wind-chapped cheeks rewarming near a hot fire or beside the heater under a warm blanket.  Winter is a time to nestle, to reccoperate, to nurture and rejuvenate; to layer and bundle, to hug and cocoon; to read,write and lounge and to rediscover life's circular rhythm.  

So now that I have sufficiently given myself a good kick in the pants back to the blog, I plan on keeping up with my posting once again.  It seems that every now and then it takes some readjustment time to get myself back on track.  I am wishing you all a beautiful December and hoping your holiday seasons are going well so far, I can not wait to catch up on all of your recent thoughts, ideas, and adventures!

xo, Alyssa