Sunday, September 30, 2012

Playing with Color

Three ways to maximize the potential of your wardrobe through color!

Today I set out to create three separate looks that would demonstrate the wonderful ways that color can be used to get more "bang for your buck" when working with your wardrobe!  Color is such an important element of style; texture is great, prints, patterns and themes are great too!  But you can put an amazing outfit together strictly through the use of color, and I am here to show you how!  There are three different types of color techniques that are simple to use and really make you (the wearer!) come alive. 

The 3 different color techniques:
1.  Anagolous 2.  Monochromatic 3.  Complementary (contrasting) colors

Analogous colors:  Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel- some examples are: pink/red and orange, yellow and orange, green and blue, blue and purple 
Monochromatic colors:  The same base color (hue) but with different shades and tones (red to light pink, pastel yellow to goldenrod yellow)
Complementary colors:  Colors that complement each other and are opposite from one another on the color wheel.  The difference in the colors makes each one pop and stand out against the other.  Examples are: green and orange, pink and green, red and blue, orange and blue, yellow and purple
On to the looks...
For my "Complimentary colors" I used orange and blue, red and yellow- with just a touch of white to break it all up.  I used mostly solids to emphasize the colors, but the patterns in the accessories do a great job of adding detail and variety to the look.  The purse, shoes, and scarf all add a floral accent to the otherwise "solid" outfit.

Dress by Cotton Candy, skirt from Urban Outfitters, Tights by, scarf was thrifted, belt from Clothes in the Past Lane, shoes by Forever 21, bag by Irregular Choice, hat from Etsy

For my monochromatic look I went with PINK! technically, because pink is on the red color spectrum, so I started with a bright berry red on the bottom with my leggings, and then worked my way up to brighter and brighter pinks on the top.  My monochromatic flower headband worked like the "icing on the cake" as well as my bright pink bow earrings (made my yours truly :) and of course a bright bow clutch to match.  Out of all the looks, you would think this would be the most simple- but it can actually be pretty difficult!  When working in monochrome make sure that you don't jump from one extreme in the color to the next too closely together in the outfit.  It may end up looking too severe- instead, start with the darker tones on the bottom and work your way to lighter and brighter on the top or vice versa- it works out much better that way!  If you work at it pretty hard it may even turn out looking ombre! :)

Sweater, dress, clutch and leggings from H&M, shoes from Fashion Bug, Belt and necklace was thrifted, headband from Icing, earrings by The Lemon Moth, scarf from Urban Outfittters

For my Analogous look I went with green and blue (which I love!)  Green communicates growth, life, and nature and is also a very soothing color, together- green and blue create a calm, cool, and serene aura.  This outfit really looked "natural" outdoors among the trees, I felt like a chameleon!  Greens and blues work like a charm together, just get together all the green and blue that you can find in your closet and mix and match the pieces you need to make an entire outfit and you're set!  When using this color technique it is best to try and use the same tones of each hue you are working with (same green and same blue) unless you are going for monochrome too!

Dress from Francesca's, necklace from Clothes in the Past Lane, Tights from, skirt from Ark & Co, ring from flea market, headband from Claire's, shoes from Irregular Choice

     So there you have it!  Three new ways to shake up your style by playing with color!  The great thing about these techniques is that you do not need any special brand of clothing, no specific textures or cuts (although flattering cuts are always nice) just a bunch of different colored garments!  The easiest way to prepare for one of these looks is pick your colors, take out a bunch of clothes in those colors and play around with them on the floor (like a polyvore set) until see something you like!  Then dress and go, it's really not too hard!  Now go put these techniques to use and shake it up!  What is your favorite color combo?  Do you want to try more contrasting colors, more analogous or more monochrome?  I know I'll be trying more monochrome!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Lemon Moth hits refresh!

     Some of you may already know, but for anyone who does not, I have a little jewelry line called "The Lemon Moth".  I craft and sell quirky little earrings, romantic filigree rings and other novelty jewelry pieces that are available at the shop I manage "Clothes in the Past Lane" as well as a few pieces at Nicole Rae Styer boutique in Passyunk (right outside of Philly, PA).   My jewelry is usually just a creative whimsy of whatever is inspiring me at the moment. Though Lately, I have been super extra busy between the store, Kids Runway for Research (which I gather art donations for) and being on the board at the Center for the Creative Arts (whew!), so- needless to say, my little jewelry line was lacking in the "new arrivals" department.   I was really missing it- my hands were screaming "use me to craft!" but I kept saying "later!"  However,  I hit one of those crafting tangents a few days ago and I went off rolling into new ideas and thus- new items for my line!  I am really excited about these because they are all truly handcrafted and unique, using all kinds of fabrics and materials that I love dearly- and best of all- they are really fun!  I was inspired by textures (like in my last post) and colorful vintage style fabrics, bows, and flowers; and as you can see it is reflected in my latest collection.  I hope that you love or appreciate them as much as I do, let me know what you think!  Please take a peek at Clothes in the Past Lane if you are on Main Street, or check out my etsy shop late next week and I will have some things up for you to take a look!  As always, custom requests are welcome.  I would love to make something special for you!  Hooray for getting my hands back into crafting :)
Bow necklace $15 Bow Earrings $12 Bobby pin sets $10 Flower hair clip $8

Handcrafted Headbands $15 each
These headbands took me forever, but they are my pride and joy!  I absolutely love statement headbands and these are great to dress up any outfit!  

Cupcake bow $10 Pink bow $8 Large hair flower $12

So, there's just a little peek-
All handcrafted and Made with Love!  


Etsy shop:

check back late next week, nothing is posted yet! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

FASHION FAVES: Fluttery Fare

     Today I am sharing one of my ultimate loves of the fashion world, flower appliques!  I absolutely adore  textured dresses, tops, and accessories.  From my living room pillows, to tablecloths and curtains, and of course clothes, flower appliques and fluttery fabrics run throughout my personal collection.  The look of flower appliquéd dresses is so romantic and feminine, and the extra texture is just begging "touch me!" so be careful when you wear a dress or sweater with these fluttery embellishments!  The 3D appeal is totally fun and funky, and there are so many options and ways to wear these fanciful pieces.

Left to right:  top by H&M, headband from Target, dress by Minuet, top by Forever 21, belt from Green Eyed Lady

Cardigan by East End Basics, necklace and hair piece by Francesca's, dress from H&M

A good option if you are not up to the bolder look of tops and dresses, is a simple flower appliqued cardigan like this one from East End basics.  It can be paired with solid colored tanks or dresses and goes great with a casual or more formal ensemble.  The soft coral hairclip doubles as a bow that you can attach to a bag, top, or belt.  The off-white flower embellished dress seen underneath this cardigan is a shift style and looks lovely with floral patterned tights and layered gold and pearl necklaces.  

How I Wear It: 
Top:  H&M, Skirt: H&M, Necklaces: Francesca's, Hair Bow: Clothes in the Past Lane
Purse:  Nicole Rae Styer

I love pinks and blues together, and I decided to play up the romance in this outfit by pairing a lacy bow and a layered pearl and gold necklace with a heart shaped purple sequin bag and flower appliquéd flats.  The high-low cut of the skirt looks great with the extra volume added to my shoulders from the flower embellishments on the top.  The contrast of colors really makes this outfit pop, and the small romantic details help it come together.  What better place to shoot this shabby chic ensemble that an abandoned house?!?!  So in short, I highly recommend seeking out some embellished tops, dresses and accessories to go with your wardrobe.  They are an awesome way to break up boring 2D outfits and give them an extra feelable, extra touchable appeal.  Flouncy, fluttery, fabulous!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rainbow Trails

"Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail."

-Virginia Woolf

     I was so excited when Motel's rainbow "dip-dye" jeans landed in the Last Hurrah Sale on a few weeks ago- it was a dream come true!  The possibilites with these jeans are endless.  I went totally rainbow for this outfit, but they would look equally amazing with a black or white top or some other "blank canvas" to pop against.  I find it hard to be in a bad mood or to not see the "brighter" side of life while dressed as a rainbow.  This rainbow outfit (although one of many ;) makes me so happy, and I love when people walk by and smile even if they don't say anything.  For me, style is all about having fun, loosening up and playing a little.  Putting on clothes in the morning is like playing dress up, you can do a little something different every day, it feels nice to wear things that express your personality and inject some extra fun into your day.  Even if it's something simple, like a funky bracelet, a printed scarf, or fun brightly colored shoes, adding a unique piece or two to your outfit goes a long way! So go ahead, show your "true colors":) What kind of fashion makes you happy?

Pink Rhinestone necklace by H&M
Multi-colored rhinestone necklace by Anthropologie

Rhinestone earrings by H&M (only $7.95!!!)

     For anyone out there who thinks they "can't do color" I promise, you can!  You can wear anything that you want to wear, you just have to believe in yourself and be confident that you look beautiful!  Plus, it is the best remedy for a bad mood or a rainy day!  Have a great weekend :)


P.S.  Photo cred- Super thanks to my hubs who took these awesome photos and also made me extra delicious buckwheat pancakes this morning!! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drawing inspiration from the swinging 60s!

     Another polyvore to inspire your day :)  There is a lot of 60's styling going on out there!  All of these styles (some vintage, some not) had their roots in the 60s, when the shift style morphed from simple into bold with extravagant patterns.  In the late 60s we pushed the edge by adding in psychedelic colors, loud flowers, and groovy prints.  If you would like to incorporate some 60s inspiration in your outfit without going over the top, try wearing some multi-colored resin or lucite bangles, a color block clutch (these are everywhere right now and are a great accessory!) or some flowers in the your hair!  Later this week I will be posting some of my own vintage and vintage inspired finds, for $15 and under!  

The Stylin' 60s- back with a vengeance!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pastel Paradise

     For some reason- the end of the summer triggers a love of all things romantic for me.  The past few days I have been dressing in "garden whimsy" style, chock full of floral prints, bows, ladylike lace, mint green, and fun flowers.  Autumn is fast approaching, but don't forget your flowers!  They look great right now amidst the falling leaves and quickly setting sun.

Pastel Paradise

Getting to know you..

     So, if I am going to have a blog, I figured I should tell you a little more about myself.  I will be fairly honest here so you can get a real idea!

     When it comes to fashion- I am usually quite the maximalist.  I know, I know, the simpletons out there are all ready to push the little ex in the corner, but I am just letting you know ahead of time, my blog is not going to be a bare bones approach to style.  I am all about piling on the layers, colors, textures, prints, patterns, whatever it may be!  This doesn't mean that I am maxxed out 24/7,  and of course I can appreciate simplified style, but I LOVE to make my outfits a work of art, and for me that means being as creative as possible, so they never come out simple.

     I try to see the bright, sunny things in life.  I am not always good at doing this, in fact many times I fail at it, but when I do, I push myself harder to try and see the positive rather than the negative.  If we don't enjoy all of the simple things in life, even when everything else seems to be going wrong, what's the point?  Take the time to listen to a new song, hold a hand, dance, breathe, whatever!  Just enjoy feeling yourself in the moment and if things start going too fast, pause, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the present, it's all we will ever have! Take time for yourself, take a walk, write, draw, or whatever outlet helps you release negative emotions or stress.  Accept that you ARE enough, and perfectly wonderful the way you are. Don't forget that above all else is sounds cliche, but it is so true!

     I have a wonderful husband, and our one year anniversary is coming up <3  I have undergone so many changes this past year and had so many ups and downs, surprises and revelations, and he has been the most understanding person possible!  He helped ease my transition from the sticks to a busy off-highway apartment complex, and all the "adulthood" changes that came with getting married and making my own life.  He is simply amazing!

     I love vintage clothing, especially the bright and bold 60s, mushrooms, owls, butterflies and moths  (obviously ;) painting, photography,reading, foreign films and documentaries, exploring abandoned buildings, walks in the forest, baking and cooking, floral prints and polka dots, kawaii prints (like ice cream cones and cupcakes :)  yoga, bananas and peanut butter, avacadoes! colors and more colors!

     So, there is much more I could add to this..but that will come along the way.  I just thought it would be nice to give everyone a little overview :)  I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I hope to have my first outfit look book up soon!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The egg is hatching..

So here I am, my first post! Yay!

      I have wanted to make this blog for months so I finally got down to business and made it.  It's not where I'd like it to be yet, but it's a big step from nothing :)  Here I hope to share all kinds of fun thoughts and adventures, inspire with fun outfits and style ideas, and explore different projects and crafty creations!  I will probably also post some fun recipes as that has become a nifty project for me as well :0)  Feel free to leave any comments or share the love here on my page.  I will try to keep a good watch on it and update when I can!  Until then, enjoy your own explorations, take pictures, jot down notes, and maybe ask yourself- why shouldn't there be butterflies on mars?? ;)