About Me

 Hi there!  I am so glad that you stumbled upon my blog!  My name is Alyssa, and I am a 25 year old Delawarean born and raised. For anyone who doesn't know where the little state is, it is about a half hour South of Philly, and located right off the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the East Coast! I grew up in a semi-rural area, surrounded by big trees and fields and it really shaped who I am today.  There is nothing more calming to me than a giant open field filled with wild flowers, or a quaint farm in the hills.  I have always had an affinity for the natural world, for being out in nature, and learning more about plants and animals, and more specifically insects.  I have been raising butterflies and moths since I found my first Luna Moth at five years old.  The process of metamorphosis has never ceased to amaze me; watching a caterpillar grow into a completely different insect is such an incredible symbol of the change and evolution we see in our own lives as we bloom and mature.  

 I am equally as passionate for my love of art and color.  Inspired by my love of colors, and the amazing range of hues seen in both nature and in art, I started to don bright hues and dress in rainbow regalia in my later teens.  Finding my own personal style took years of experimentation and trial and error- but my philosophy for personal style has always been "wear what you feel".  I see wearing bright colors as both fun and therapeutic.  When you are down, wearing colors brightens your day, and when you're feeling up, wearing colors brightens the lives of others!  My style has given me a great way to have fun with my wardrobe and not take myself too seriously, while expressing my personality on the outside.  Art is also so much a part of my life- whether I am actively creating or viewing the creative endeavors of others- I love expressing myself creatively somehow- whether it be through personal styling, painting, collaging, photography, drawing, sewing or creating displays at work.  The background you see on my blog is an example of my painting style, and my most recent merging of art and entomology!
I was the manager of a small clothing boutique for almost 3 years and now currently work as a manager in a large fashion retail company which has given me an opportunity to grow in my love of personal styling and creativity.  In terms of style, the 60s era is most inspiring to me and is often evident in my style that includes bright enamel pins, bold sundresses and mod novelty prints. I created this blog as a way to share my love for style with others, and to continue to inspire and be inspired. It has been a wonderful way to connect with others, and I hope that you will find it an inspiring place to gather new ideas and enjoy!  Thanks for reading!

xo, Alyssa