Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend in the Poconos!

      I had quite a lovely getaway weekend with my family in the Poconos!  We went tubing at Big Boulder yesterday, and despite my ill-equipped boots (they got soaking wet and left my toes frozen!) I had an awesome time, and even snapped some photos of it with my holga (can't wait to get them developed).  I was thoroughly impressed with the tubing escalator which I found a little less cumbersome than the latch on kind that pulls you up while you ride. These past few days went by sooo fast, but I had a great time in the mountains and really enjoyed seeing my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins for a few days.  Always nice to have a break and get away! :)

I was really excited to find this fun floral headband at the local Blakeslee thriftshop, which is actually housed in an old K-mart and runs the gamut from raw honey and other local foods, to jewelry, clothes and other knick-knacks.  Smack dab in the middle was an accessory diva's dream, a Claire's-like extravaganza only much much cheaper.  Most of the stuff actually was Claire's brand, and when I asked the store owner if she had bought out an old Claire's she said she "purchases the overstock".  Fine by me- I'll take the savings!  

Sweater: Forever 21, necklace & tank: H&M, pants: Francesca's, Shoes: TOMS, headband: Blakeslee Thrift, ring: The Lemon Moth (self-made)

It was raining/sleeting yesterday, but luckily today it had cleared up and I could get these outfit photos in the snow :)    When I get my holga film back I will hopefully have some other interesting pictures to share!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Anyone else have a recent adventure? <3


Monday, February 18, 2013

A new week, a new chapter; and some indoor inspiration!

     It has been horribly windy the past few days, so I decided to experiment with outfit photos indoors.  This is my colorful little apartment, I enjoy having inspiring surroundings, especially during weather like this when I find it hard to stay outside for more than a few minutes!  It is the first apartment I have ever had to really call my own so I had a blast decorating it, and my husband is amazing because he basically gives me carte blanche. We have been here for about a year and a half,  and are not sure if we will be signing the lease again this September, but I've had a great time making memories here and will always cherish it as our first home (even with all of it's flaws). You know, those things like being off a major road, aloof neighbors, surprise exterminations, and having to move huge furniture up three flights of steps, but hey, that's apartment living!  Apartments will always come with their share of sacrifices, but I love the idea of being able to pick things up and take them to a new place if I choose, and it is also nice to have someone fix things for you when they break, haha (and pay for them, too.)   

This photo is like a"one of these is not like the other" kind of picture! I moved my favorite pink picture frame into the second photo because I thought it would look cute there :)  I have this slight obsession with victorian/baroque styled frames in bright colors, and Marshall's always seems to have a new color one every time I am there, (I have a blue and mint one as well)!  I am also a huge art lover (never could have guessed, right?)  When we moved in all I saw was "white" everywhere.  I quickly got my own paintings up on the wall (the strawberry painting is one of them) and then filled the rest of the walls with old and new pieces that we got along the way.  I find art so inspiring and it adds the greatest warmth and personality to a room.

I was definitely feeling bright colors this day.  I love blue and green together so I pulled out my Urban Outfitters neon green lace dress (such a fun spin on a classic cut) and paired it with bright blue leggings and purple leg warmers to keep my legs warm during our errands for the day.  The scarf pulled it all together and the vintage orange jacket makes a fun layer underneath a heavier coat (or when sneaking out to the deck!)

This is the new scrapbook that I started yesterday.  I really enjoy blogging but I also felt like I needed more tangible art and writing in my life, a way to record memories that was touchable and feelable- enter my K& Company "SMASH" scrapbook.  They come in different themes (I accidently grabbed the baby themed one first and had to return it, oopsey!) and come with this awesome two ended pen/glue stick.  They are chock full of fun decorated pages and tidbits for you to paste your photos, collages, or recipes on to, as well as tons of pages for writings, lists, and doodles.  This was just what I needed to get the creative juices flowing. It's really a fun way to write and record daily life or special moments!  I highly recommend one of these if you are looking for a fun scrapbook that comes with the materials you need to get started.

Mmmm and yummy breakfast.  Another thing that is great to photograph indoors.  I hope to be getting more interesting recipes up here soon, a while back I did a post on Buckwheat pancakes, but I was just starting out so I am not sure it really hit the radar.  I loooove cooking and have really come to enjoy it as a fun outlet and a great way to find new and exciting healthy recipes that nourish the body and soul.  Lately I've been getting more into spices and seasonings like curry, cumin, lemon pepper, turmeric, and garlic.  It's amazing what a difference seasonings can make!  The above plate consists of a sweet potato hash with spinach and kale, seasonings and spices (garlic, cumin, lemon pepper, a pinch of salt) and grape tomatoes with a side of mango, blackberries and strawberries.  It was a great way to start a Monday!  So, here is to another week and a new chapter!  This week I am looking to keep adding to my scrapbook, start using my Holga camera again, enjoy the simple things in life and emphasize kindness to those around me, and get outside for walks more (weather permitting). 

I hope you all are having a lovely start to your week! xo

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Winter Hodge-Podge

Every so often I am feeling a bunch of styles at once.  I want to be girly and edgy, go fitted and flared, bright and neutral.  Today was obviously one of those days.  I have this awesome tight fitted cosmic dress from ASOS that I wanted to wear, but I wasn't feeling the all over body con fit so I paired it with a  blue denim mini skirt and aztec print beaded belt.  For a pop of color I added my bright pink (almost orange) H&M tights and layered a light pink lace cardi jacket overtop.  There's a lot going on here but I think it really ended up looking exactly how I was feeling today- funky, eclectic and well- a little bit of everything!

Headband and Bag: Urban outfitters, Cardigan, tights, beetle necklace and skirt: H&M, shoes: payless Bracelets and rings: all over the place

It is really cold in Delaware today!  I was excited to meet with a  friend for lunch whom I used to work with- she just got a job with TOMS shoes (so exciting!) and we were looking through catalogues for our fall preorder for Clothes in the Past Lane, they're going to be pretty amazing! ;)
Then I drug my husband outside as it started to snow...

After only spending a few minutes outside the flurries started to get pretty heavy so I was ready to put my coat back on and head back to the apartment ;)
The rest of the day has been a lot of relaxing.  Usually I try to pack a million things in to my Saturday since it is usually one of my two days off a week, but it felt really nice to just lay back and frolic the time away with Daniel.  I think I needed that...

Do you ever mix several styles together and what themes do you like to mix??  

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the GIVEAWAY below! I had some much fun styling my socks with different outfits and I know that the winner will too!

Congratulations...Trish of JellyBones!!! You won!  I will be contacting you on your blog to let you know, email me at for more details!  

Happy Saturday! xo

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Colorful socks- clever ways; and a giveaway!

Wearing tights in the winter is a tricky thing.  Sure- it's warmer than bare legs, but it can still be a little chilly.  The perfect solution?  Socks!  Like these WeLoveColors sport socks available in every color of the rainbow ranging from red, blue and yellow, to neon orange and green!  I was delighted when offered to send me these sports socks and their nylon socks for review, and even more delighted when I learned that 2 FREE pairs would be awarded to one of my wonderful readers :)  

To Enter the Giveaway:  It's pretty simple!  Follow me on Bloglovin' or Google (if your already following, that's great!) and comment on this post about how you would wear your WeLoveColors socks and what three colors would be your favorite!  Want to see what colors they offer?  Find them here!

The winner will receive one pair of sports socks and one pair of nylon socks.  They will be selected at random on Saturday, 2/16 and announced on my blog!  So stay tuned!

Cardigan: Forever 21, Necklace: Clothes in the Past Lane, Beret: handmade from, Dress: L'Amour Nanette Lepore from JC Penney, Socks:WeLoveColors, Shoes: Betseyville, Purse:, Imyourpresent

Sports Socks:  A review-
When I first heard that WeLoveColors would be sending me two pairs of socks I was a tad apprehensive- very thankful, but sort of not sure how I would style them.  I am not a huge sock fan honestly, I prefer bare feet when I am in the house and most of the time I wear tights with my shoes.  HOWEVER, these socks are a different story.  I wouldn't endorse these if I did not love them, and I have to say I LOVE THEM!  First of all, look at all the colors!!!  You can get these in yellow (like above) or lavender  or turquoise, or just simple black, or whatever color you please!  It's nice to be able to get such a stylish basic in any and every color of the rainbow.  Secondly- they really do keep your feet warm!  Recently, I was complaining to my husband about how cold my feet were getting in just my tights and ballet flats- "I need leg warmers!!"  He told me I could find them in the 80s, I told him to be nice ;)  Then came these socks, and I discovered- they are just like leg warmers, but without the bulk! The perfect little sweater for your legs, and they double as a workout accessory (if you wish).  I can totally see myself styling them with shorts in the summer!  Bottom line- a totally fun accessory if you are looking for a little extra warmth and a color pop to your outfit!  And if you play sports- the perfect way to wear your fashionista side on the field!  

And then came the Nylon Socks...
These lovely little numbers look fabulous in Pastel Mint.  I think they are great for a little extra warmth on chilly days, and when you want to add a little extra color, but be a little more subtle than with the sports socks.  These look amazing with dresses.  They would look cute with oxfords, any kind of lace up, flats (like mine) or even heels!  Definitely a little more cutesy and feminine (if you wear them like me) and are so so soft.  I actually haven't taken them off since I took these photos a few hours ago and I love wearing them around the house!  They are the kind of socks that provide just the right amount of comfort and warmth so you don't feel like peeling them off! Valentine's Day has me a little carried away.  I love Valentines and hearts <3

I was really feeling the polka dots in this outfit, and really happy that I found this cardigan at H&M ($10!!) at the King of Prussia mall yesterday!  Daniel and I decided to go on a whim.  We didn't stay long or buy that much (luckily, hehe) but it was a fun trip!

Headband, belt, tights: Clothes in the Past Lane, Dress: Delias, Cardigan: H&M, Scarf: remixed

I really love these socks and can not wait to share their joy with one of you!

Don't forget to leave your comment below and let me know which colors you would wear!  Would you be open to trying out some new socks? :)

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Pastel Paradise and 7 random facts about me!

Most of you probably know that I am crazy about bright colors, but I also really love pastels!  They're wonderful in the spring, but I also love to break them out in the middle of winter when everything seems gloomy and gray, they just instantly lighten up my day and remind me that spring is just around the corner!  (well, sort of).  Also, almost everything from this outfit was a bargain or a special find (don't you love those?).  The dress was off a $5 rack at Retrospect in Philly, the clutch was $14 at an Antique Mall, the bow was $3, and the belt was found at Goodwill for a dollar.  The coat was also on sale (it's actually from the Candy's collection) but I don't remember how much that on a budget, yay!  Anyway, I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together and using all of my fun hodge podge necklaces to layer on top of it.

Dress: retrospect, Bow: Icing, Tights: WeLoveColors, Clutch: antique mall, Necklaces: vintage and forever 21, belt: Goodwill, Bracelet: Francesca's

Spring flowers remind me of warmer days <3

Do you like wearing pastels too?

And now onto the random facts!!

Thanks so much to Suvi over at for nominating me for the versatile blogger award!  I like that it doesn't take too much work to pass the award along because I am horrible at reposting these things, but it's a really good way to share a little more about myself, so I appreciate it! :) 

Instructions are to
  • Nominate some other new bloggers
  • Let them know you have nominated them
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post

The other bloggers that I would like to nominate are:

* Larissa from Ce n'est que de la chance
* Pati from Nebula in Bloom
* Sarah C. from Sarah J See
* Sofia from The Lovely Hunter
* Angel from Artsy Angel

7 random facts about me:

I came to the conclusion that it's hard to pick only 7, but here they go!!

1.  I grew up in the woods (and basically in the middle of nowhere), and had few neighbors.  It shaped who I am today in sooo many ways.  I have a deeply rooted interest in the outdoors, and in plants and animals.  I love dressing up, but I also love being outside- and yes, I mix the two all the time.  I've worn bow flats while hiking, walked through thorn bushes with tights on and waded through the creek wearing a dress (none of them were great ideas, but who I am nonetheless haha).  

2.  My favorite color is yellow!  I've been through a few favorite colors in my 25 years, but for the past 3 or 4 I have settled on yellow, I think I could say I've finally found my very favorite, unless "rainbow" counts, but it many cases, it doesn't :p

3.  I LOVE exploring abandoned buildings (which you probably could have guessed) and I used to belong to an urban exploring group.  We all sort of got busy with our adult lives but I still keep in touch with a lot of them- they are awesome people, and I went to some of the most amazing places with them;  abandoned mills, hospitals, military bases, power plants, and huge houses.  I find something so invigorating about stepping into a place that is frozen in time yet shows the wear and tear of many years.  They are so mysterious and full of history, and if the walls could speak, you better believe they would have a lot to say!  My love of photography really developed when I started taking pictures of abandoned buildings, and I did my senior art project on them in college!

4. I am just shy of 5"9!  It may be hard to tell (maybe it's not) in my pictures, but yes, I am tall :)  Since I got tall (which wasn't until half way through high school) I've felt a little self-conscious of my height, but personal style has really changed that.  Style has helped me to really embrace who I am and accept every part of me, including loving my height!  I am also a really lucky lady with a 6"7 husband, so I can wear heels whenever I darn well please! :)  

5.  My hair was once bleached blonde on top and black on the bottom.  Maybe I should post a picture of it sometime, haha.  It was really fun and I enjoyed having it, but it got expensive to maintain and was a little rough on my hair.  After that it was completely black, and then I dyed it red for a while until it said "enough is enough!" so I grew the dye out and am now back to my natural hair for the time being (besides some random feather extensions and color streaks), and hoping to grow it out longer. 

6.  I am gluten and cow dairy intolerant, but this has only made me extremely creative in my cooking! I enjoy so many yummy foods, two of my favorites are peanut butter and avocados (not together) but separately I find them both quite delectable.  I am a huge fan of ethnic food; Asian, Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern, there are so many wonderful, delicious options.   I am big on supporting local and organic farming practices, and eating delicious whole and fresh foods.  I also love experimenting with baking!    Quinoa stuffed winter squash with goat cheese and balsamic dressing is one of my favorite dishes, oh and homemade falafel with curried lentils and vegetables, and...ok, I'll stop there :)  

7.  I love yoga!  I take a class every Tuesday with my mom, in an old barn on a beautiful farm.  It's a really nice way to start the week :)

I hope that you found these random facts interesting and that they helped you to learn more about me :)  


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Living in Lisa Frank Color!

This outfit really reminds me of my old childhood favorite, Lisa Frank.  Famous for her bright neon colors, rainbows, crazy patterns and mythical creatures, as a kid I was mesmerized by her art and thought "if only the world could look a little more like this."  Her collection recently had a revival on UrbanOutfitters, with vintage folder sets, stickers, and book covers available to those nostalgic fans from the 80s and 90s.  I think I might have to drop $3.99 on a vintage folder before they're all gone!

So I must tell you about this coat.  I am in LOVE with this coat.  Like, if realtionship statuses were possible between clothing items, this is the one I'd be involved with..(ok, that sounded a little strange).  But this coat really does tickle my fancy.  I found it on Etsy about 4 years ago, and though it arrived to me with a very damaged lining I wore it around everywhere, until it was almost impossible to get my arm in the sleeve (the ripped lining had taken residence there).  Daniel took it to get relined for my birthday last year and it was a total surprise.  I opened the coat closet and said "honey, where's my plaid coat?!?" He was pretty good at keeping a secret, and I couldn't have been more happy when it arrived home with a delightful orange lining, all fixed and no worse for wear!

These rainbow gloves are amazing.  I got them from Daniel's mom for Christmas and not only are they surprisingly warm, but they are also fair trade and were sold to support a small village, and did I mention SO much fun to wear!?!?  She knows me too well.

And this house is one of my favorites for pictures.  It's about 2 minutes from where I live (hop, skip, jump) and I love the place.  Sort of sad how much it's gone down hill in just the year and a half that we've lived here, but I see so much beauty in its decay, and it makes a wonderful backdrop for my crazy bright outfits.

There I go jumping again! :D

Here is my kitty skirt!  I found this sweet skirt on etsy a few years ago and though I absolutely love it, I have not worn it in a while because it was sitting in a bag in the corner of my closet and was all balled up (and very wrinkly) I took it to work for some steaming and it was as good as new!  I love the kitten print and yellow peplum on this skirt, it's so much fun and really livens things up! The talented lady who made it has a shop HERE

Coat: vintage, scarf: Forever 21, Cardigan: Target, Belt: vintage, Tights: WeLoveColors, Shoes: Forever21, Gloves: an amazing fair trade shop, Bow: Target, Skirt: Etsy by the present "noslowjams"

Thanks for coming by and checking out my rainbow outfit :)

And if you're feeling nostalgic, (and can relate to my childhood obsession) here are some Lisa Frank delights from the 90's!

and you can find your vintage favorites here: Vintage Lisa Frank Collection <3

Did you love Lisa Frank as a kid?

Have a fabulous day!

xo, Alyssa