Monday, April 22, 2013

Candy Colors and Bows Galore!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! :) This is a shot of my outfit from Saturday, I got out to take a photo just as the sun was starting to go down and I had been in all day painting the picture below.  I am so happy I grabbed this Nishe dress from the ASOS mid season sale.  From the charming little bow buttons to the silky fabric and vintage inspired silhouette, I really couldn't be happier with it!   I broke my favorite bag back out, too! :) 
This is the piece I dedicated most of my Saturday to.  It took a loooong time, but it was totally worth it.  I am thinking of working with this piece to make into a patterned fabric, so I am super excited to be finished.  I have only about a week left to my art-a-day challenge, it hasn't been the easiest undertaking, but I am so glad that I decided to do it- it's definitely gotten me out of my art funk!  Some days I've really had to wrack my brain to figure out how to have both the time and creativity to make a new piece, but once I get a plan figured out I get into the "zone" and get really focused and it's simply bliss :)
Yummy spring candy colors!  Ok, so, I  haven't totally jumped on the stripes bandwagon this spring, BUT I did pick up this top and I was in love with the hot pink stripes so I had to have it.  I threw it together with my mint lace shorts and lilac tights and voila! a whole new look.  Can you tell how much use I am getting out of this little floral headband? A few dollars very well spent!  I was so glad that Daniel and I ventured over to this garden yesterday.  It lies just outside the city of Wilmington and was the former estate of a very wealthy family. Years went by, the house on the property went abandoned and fell into disrepair, and now it still stands in all of its decaying glory at the top of these steps.  Yes, the house itself is "off-limits" but the gardens surrounding it are open to the public.  We didn't get up to the house to take photos this time, but it is truly gorgeous and just the perfect example of beauty in decay.  I do know there are plans to restore it at some point! 
Outfit Details:
Top & flats:  Forever 21, Shorts and necklace: Francesca's, Headband:  Poconos flea market, Tights:  Target
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, cheers to another week!

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Sniffly Weekend Snapshots :)

Well, hello folks :)  I've been feeling a little under the weather as of late.  So, I've been trying to take it easy and chase away my sniffles.  In Delaware we went from 40 degree weather to almost 90 degree weather within a day or two and like clockwork, the sniffles came, the sore throat and the cough. I spent Friday home from work and watched a Documentary called "Happiness" and old classic comedies like "Tommy Boy" and "Uncle Buck".  The couch was my throne that day- with short trips to the mailbox and the kitchen for some warm tea.  Now, I am moving around and talking much better (I had all but lost my voice) and hoping to feel a lot better by the end of the week! So sorry if I have not commented on some of your blogs in a while, I will be sure to get myself up and running soon! :) Here are some snapshots of my weekend.
The mirror in Anthropologie :)
Awesome flower applique Clutch I found in Anthro.
Desserts with my family to celebrate my husband Daniel's graduation from his Electrician's apprenticeship!
A preview of some of my work from the "Fun-A-Day" project.  My theme is 30 days of insects.

My Sunday afternoon outfit, I was really feeling the flower appliques!

Cherry and Lavender <3

I was really lucky to find this amazing Ryu cardigan on sale at a local boutique for little over 20 dollars.  I love the 3D details, and found it went perfectly with my ASOS floral dress.  I wish I had taken a photo of the back- it features a heart cut out!  These shoes are also one of my favorites.  Little strawberry sandals from Irregular Choice- found during a spring sale on ModCloth.
I hope you enjoyed the snapshots from my weekend.  *Grabs a tissue* hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Is that a Mexican poncho, or is that a Sears poncho?

Definitely a Mexican poncho!  This is the bold yellow and pink aztec dress that I got at Vagabond in Philly a couple of weeks ago.  I was so surprised to find this hanging on the sale rack.  I realized that I had a lot of other things that went well with it so I just threw it all together!  I picked up the poncho from a private estate sale that my boss and I were invited to a few weeks ago.    It is one of a few things that I was lucky to be first privy too- it was love at first sight when I saw this sitting out on one of the tables, all stretched out in it's yarn and woolen appears to be very gently used, as was most of the clothing we found there.  It's colorful zig zags are as bold as ever, and the fringe still perfectly dangling in place..  
I have taken a liking to vintage straw bags as well.  This is one I found at the antique mall last year, it is one of two that I own, unfortunately the other one has a broken strap that I need to repair.  I really like these for summer, they are so light and hold a surprising amount of stuff!
I am such a fan of Mexican style art and clothing.  The rich, bold colors and patterns are amazing!  I own a vintage orange peasant dress and a few of those touristy vintage beaded belts and I just can't get enough of them.  My dream is to travel to South America some day to visit the rain forest and photograph the exotic butterflies, and of course while I am there to see the beautiful textiles, bags, and clothing that the people make firsthand.  It would be a dangerous trip for my wallet.  

Yellow and green necklace: self-made, blue necklace: Forever 21, Belt: vintage, Goodwill

Poncho: Vintage-estate sale, Dress: Vagabond-Philly, Tights: Forever 21, Cardigan: H&M, Scarab bracelet and bag: Antique Mall, Earrings: Forever 21, Headband: Claire's
 Daniel and I had a fun (and stuffed) weekend.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch at Alopocus park on Saturday, visited the Salvation Army and the Farmer's Market and saw some funny movies with my friend Stephanie that night.  Then yesterday, we ran around like crazy!  We started out in Wilmington visiting a church and seeing some old friends, searched around Trolley Square for somewhere to have a casual lunch, but discovered that nobody was open!  We traveled over to Bellefonte, looked around some antique stores and stopped into one of my old favorites, The Bellefonte Cafe but sadly they were way over-crowded.   So off we went back home and just enjoyed some Brunch at our favorite spot, Homegrown.  You can always depend on them for friendliness and amazing food :) Lastly, we finished out our day with a relaxing visit with some of Daniel's relatives who hadn't seen each other for a while, it was great watching them all get together and listening to the amazing conversation that ensued.
I have continued working on my Art-A-Day project and am having
a great time with it!  The office wall is lined with art pieces and pretty soon there will be more!  Hope you are having a great Monday.  Cheers to another week, (here we go again, right?)  


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Scene and Believed Dress

This dress is one of my all-time favorites.  I stalked it when it appeared as part of the "Be The Buyer" feature on (and of course voted yes on it!)  and since I was engaged at the time and spending odds and ends on the wedding preparations I wasn't able to purchase it when it first became available.  However, it popped up again after the wedding, and since Daniel and I agreed upon using a small amount of our wedding money to get ourselves a gift- well, this was mine!   I certainly love and treasure it, and it reminds me of the special commitment I made to Daniel almost a year a half ago now, and of course the generosity of my wonderful family and friends!
Before this dress, I was shamefully unaware of Bernie Dexter, her amazing pin-up career and her adorable clothing collection.  Her prints are so beautiful, timeless, and unique.  It is the perfect merging of retro design meets feminine fit and craftsmanship.  This dress really hits everything in the right spot.  The only thing I would ever change about it might be the length, usually this length isn't the most flattering on me, but with a print like this- I can easily overlook that!

  Seriously girls, if you dig a retro design and fit, Bernie Dexter is for you!  I love her designs since I have a smaller waist and bigger hips, and a lot of her dresses are a fit and flare shape.    However, they are on the expensive side, so they are more of a special occasion purchase.  This is the only one I own, but I seriously have my eye on "Jenna's Field Good Dress" and the "I'm all Cheers in Cherries Jubilee" Dress, so cute!

     In other news- I am currently doing a 30 Day Art Challenge called "Fun A Day" where I will be doing a piece of art work every day for 30 days in April and I will be displaying them in May at the Wilmington, Delaware Art Loop.  I am super excited, and am only on Day 3 but am already feeling so much more creative and productive!  The theme I chose is "30 Days of Insects" so each piece of art work will incorporate my favorites (Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Dragonflies, flies, and bees) in a variety of mediums such as illustration, painting, collage, and sculpture.  I am super excited because this project is a chance to really get me working with two of my passions again (art and entomology!).  I have a long term dream of illustrating and screen-printing insects unto pillows, curtains, and dresses so hopefully this will give me that push to start working with it and gaining more experience with drawing.  I will have to post some pictures when I have more pieces done!  

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!