Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mixing it up!

     Happy Tuesday!  If you are in the Northeast like me this evening, you are probably sitting inside, safely tucked in to your favorite chair while the snow is quickly accumulating.  Without abundant shoppers today work was a wash,  I was sent home around noon (that never happens!) so it was an adult snow day for me; only without the puffy snowsuit, faux igloo in the backyard and half frostbitten fingers from playing outside too long.  Instead it was a nap on the couch with Daniel, watching a crime drama and drinking warm almond milk hot chocolate.  Perfect much?  For this girl, it was just how a snowy (hot mess!) kind of day should be spent. 
      It has been a few weeks since I have updated and in that time I have:  Gotten an Iphone (wow, can not believe that finally happened, but Daniel convinced me!), got my hair dip dyed purple (which has now faded to a dark fuchsia-esque color, traveled to New York City to visit some friends and congratulate them on their engagement (hooray Mark and Karin!), gotten my geno 2.0 results (very interesting!) and gotten some amazing new pieces for my wardrobe from both work and ModCloth.   Although I'd love to go on and on about how cool my results were from my genetic testing with National Geographic, I will give you a short synopsis.  I was given two "reference populations" which basically are the  people that are the most similar to you in terms of their DNA.  My most similar match was Finnish and my second match was Greek (that was a surprise!) But I will have to expand on that another time.
      The golden polka dot skirt has been on my love-list for quite a while on ModCloth and I finally decided to take the plunge when I received a gift card for Christmas.  The skirt runs small so I ordered the next size up and it fits perfect.  I love the length too, being taller it is hard sometimes to find "work appropriate" skirts and dresses, being on my feet in the store all day I do all sorts of moving and bending so finding a skirt this length is so lovely.  I am not a huge crop top wearer but I could not resist this comic book print and how fun it looked with the polka dots.  This look just could not wait for spring, so I layered it up with my acid wash jean jacket, and covered it with my favorite navy coat by Tofu (see below).   
    These past few weeks have been interesting.  Usually after the Holidays life seems to float into some kind of blank space, moving somewhat slow and filled with routine and bits of everyday life.  But actually these past few weeks have flown by, and I have been inspired to try new things, think about some future plans, and start moving on some goals I've had for a while. 

     I think most of all,  I have just felt inspired to be fully myself, to not hold anything back, to harness my full potential and see where it goes!  I want to keep sewing, keep designing, keep creating and taking risks with my style.  I am much happier when I continue to stretch myself and watch the results.  There are days where I just want to be lazy and days where I am full of ideas, but I think there are blossoming ideas in store; and I am excited to explore them further.
     You guys, I have so many fun outfit ideas for my next post!  I am excited to share my styling ideas and I know that we are far from Spring, but it's getting close and I can NOT wait for warmer weather.  Alas, the grass is always greener on the other side (well, it really is greener in March) but I will try to enjoy the coming weeks of winter as much as possible.  Lots of layering possibilities! :)
 Of course this outfit could not be complete without one more bow...

     I am happy I took a leap and experimented with my hair.  I have not dyed it at all for about three years now so I was a little nervous about the dip dye, originally it was supposed to be brighter but I am glad I started with a subtle change.  Next time I am going for pastel ;) 

Thanks for reading, until next time! 
xo, Alyssa


  1. Oh man, I've heard that it's been snowing around those parts--staying warm sounds like a grand idea! Bahaha, I think it's funny how I was wearing bare legs a few days ago. Now it's windy as heck and going to drop to the 'teens tonight... ah, I jinxed it. :) It's gonna be awful for us these next few days! Stay warm and snuggly in all that snow, Alyssa!!

    Your new hair is so fun! It's subtle enough where you could get away with it and not worry too much about matching your outfits to it and stuff, you know? I think purple is a surprisingly natural hair color, hehehe. And your colorful outfit is so fun as always--yes yes to that polka dot skirt and those cute flats!! You're always the queen of color combinations. :D :D

    haha, I'll try to enjoy winter with you... is that possible with all the cold right now?! auughh!!

  2. Nice look,interesting:)
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know on my blog :)

  3. wow Alyssa, this skirt has been on my wishlist for so long. I have almost bought it so many times but tried to save the money instead. It looks stunning on you. I think I might just have to buy it now. We can be buddies with the same skirt.

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  5. So pretty, I love the hair bow and polka dot skirt! The red blue and yellow definitely remind me of snow white :)
    xo Hannah

  6. Dude, you had me with that nerdy crop top! So friggin sweet! :D <3 I love the bright polka dot skirt that you paired with it. Oh and that coat! Absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to your next post (as always)! ^_^

    - Anna


  7. Awesome colors! Love that polka dot skirt too!

  8. Hey there :)
    Thanks so much for your comment! It made me really happy. And yeah, I feel the same way - winter is just not good for blogging. I was happy to read this post. For me it was the same these last weeks, I was first a little down but then I got somehow so inspired and came up with so many new ideas and plans for my life. I made this whole list of what is important for me in my life and then I thought about which jobs will fit with this list. So many things suddenly became clear to me :) Maybe its the beginning of the new year which makes us suddently think differently about plans and life and everything :)
    I think you are right that you should contiunue doing what you love, designing and sewing. We can only be a happy and good in what we do if it is what we really love :)
    Have a great weekend!

    Lots of love!

    Oh and your outfit is super cute! I love your coat a lot!!!

  9. Yay for adult snow day! And also the iPhone. How are you finding?

    I love your outfit, the colours are amazing and the skirt is just adorable. I showed my housemates and they agreed =)

    Corinne x

  10. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Uuh, you look so lovely today! The skirt is adorable, I'd love that in my closet! :-)

    Have the best week ever,

  11. Great outfit! Really love your style! So colorful! Just found your blog and really like it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook or bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  12. I love how saturated those red tights are! and that skirt is divine. your purple hair looks so good!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  13. I'm so late seeing this post, but I couldn't help but comment on how much I love love your Spider-man shirt! I need one like that! Your polka dot skirt is adorable too. You'll be able to remix that in so many different ways. Yellow is such a versatile color.

  14. Hey there! Love all the polka dots in this outfit. Also, I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You can get the details in this post on my blog: http://notyouravgashley.blogspot.com/2014/02/and-liebster-blog-award-goes-to.html. You don't have to participate, but I just wanted you to know that I love your blog!