Monday, February 24, 2014

Ohhhh February.

Some February Outfitting highlights...

Folks, winter is not my favorite season.  I try to see the beauty in every stage of the year, but boy have we had quite a season.  Snow fall after snow fall, freezing temperatures, ice, sleet, freezing rain; the whole deal.  I think Delaware is quite ready for spring, as for me- I am ready for summer!!!  

Even with all of the crazy weather, I have had a pretty good month.  A few weeks ago I went to New York City for my first EVER New York Fashion week and attended the K. Nicole Runway Show, the product of my friend Nicole Rae Styer and her design partner, Kera Anderson.  The show was AMAZING.  
(above, left:  an interview with a film crew about my personal style and my take on the K.Nicole Runway show, above, right:  a photo with the amazing Nicole Rae Styer, below:  a photo of Daniel and I on our way up to NYC)

Valentine's Day was low key and relaxing, and was spent at the Homegrown Cafe in Newark, my favorite spot for good eats and music.  We had just had a whirlwind of snow the two days before, so getting out was a bit of a challenge.  
We're such goofballs ;)

And as you can see- my dipdyed hair got a lift with bright pink (which actually started as bright purple) and I am loving it!  Most exciting of all, is that the weather is starting to brighten up a bit, yesterday we got a nice break from the cold and snow and it was warm enough to take my bike out for a spin in the park!

This kimono style holly hobby piece was perfect for bike riding yesterday.  It felt so freeing to just be able to step out without a coat on and go.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, most importantly- the snow was melting!!! Alas, the weather is not quite ready to stick around, but at least we got a break from the overcast, snowy days we have been having.  I feel so much more myself when I can be outside and be active for more than thirty minutes without freezing.  I need my woods and trees and fields, they are such a big part of me!  

So glad I could update this week, and I will try to get back to my weekly updates now that the weather is calming down.  It seemed as though every time I tried to take outfit photos it snowed and dropped below freezing again!!! (not the easiest weather to show your cute outfits in ;)  So happy almost end of the winter everyone and I hope your weeks are off to a good start!

xo, Alyssa  


  1. Bahaha, I entirely agree with winter not being my favorite season! Umm, it's cold and miserable most of the time. I mean I get that it can be enticing with ~cozying up and drinking tea~ all the time but that gets old. I like to be outside. WE ARE WILDERNESS PEOPLE, ALYSSA! KEEEYAH!

    Oh my goodness, congrats on going to your first fashion show! That's gonna be you one day, you know. All your neat prints are going to end up on clothes that other people strut down the runway in. Don't forget me when you're famous, okies? Good. :)

    I'm glad you got time to update and say hello. I've missed you dearly, my sweet Alyssa! Hopefully the weather will get better so I can see more of your precious, colorful self. Have a good week!! <3

  2. Winter is not my favorite season either. I need sun and heat to survive, hehe. You always look great, brightening your winter with bright colors. You are required to gladden our eyes, dear doll.

  3. Not crazy about winter either, I'm tired of hundreds of layers!
    You do look amazing, I always enjoy your colorful outfits! :)
    Congrats for the fashion show, that's so great!

  4. Hey Alyssa! I've been following your blog for awhile and just love you and thought I'd let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog no need to participate, just wanted to let you know that I think your a lovely inspiration <3 Rya

  5. You look fantastic and I love the pink hair <3 That rainbow bike is so awesome, too!

    - Anna

  6. Love your stunningly vibrant style, these colours look amazing together, you are so charming! Following you now hun

  7. I hear you about this crazy winter! I am so done with this cold snowy weather!
    Loved to see your month's highlights! You are so lucky to go see your friend's New York Show! How fantastic! I adore your dip dyed hair!


  8. Hey Alyssa!
    Sooo good to read from you :) I love your green skirt and I love your new hair! So good that Winter is over and that we can take out our bikes again. I am riding mine every day and I just love it! Your February sounds like a good month and I always enjoy to see how people celebrate Valentines Day (cause we do not really celebrate it around here). Hey I wanted to ask you for a long time if you are on Instagram! Are you :)???
    Lots of love and a great start in the new month and the official beginning of SPRING! Yay :)


    1. Larissa!!! Sorry for the long-delayed reply- I do have an instagram account! It is just Butterfliesonmars :) What is yours? Thank you for your sweet comments, as always :) They always make me smile!

  9. Loooove the colors and your entire style as well! Your outfits are amazing♥

    Lakshmi in Trance

  10. You nailed every single one of those outfits! They just make my day brighter!

    Have a great day,

  11. You always look amazing m'dear. Love these snaps of you! And fashion week sounds amazing! I'm sure you stood out among the crowd with your unique beauty!

  12. Beautiful photos! I think you would look great in some of our vintage dresses :)
    Becky x

  13. Hiiiii friend! I'm obsessed with this kimono shirt on you. It looks amazing. Your HAIRR!!!! I love what you did with it. I'm going to get mine done next week. I hope it looks amazing as well.
    I'm super jealous about you going to NY fashion week. How fun!! What is this talk about cold? Seriously, Texas has been bi-polar with weather lately and i'm so glad that it warms up to the 70s by mid afternoon. I was over wearing a pea coat everyday.

  14. Your style is bloody wonderful! I love the bright colours and your dip dyed hair!

    Update, please =)

    Corinne x

  15. How wonderful and colorful you are. I just rediscovered your bloggy again... this time I grabbed a button to share with folks on my bloggy. Yipppeeee!

  16. So great you got to attend NYFW! And that third outfit is my favourite, that skirt is so perfect...

    Have a lovely day,

  17. i love the way you do your eye makeup! How do you do that? :)