Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wearing my Art on my Skirt!

 Ladies and Gentleman....I present to you...the moth skirt!  Piece number one in my moth fabric collection, crafted by yours truly.  I am so excited about this little piece.  If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I've been working on getting some garments made of my moth fabric that I designed back in late spring/early summer.  Life sort of got away from me for a few months while I was working on my practice piece (the Sundae Dress), but as soon as I got that finished I got working on this skirt.   I don't think anything is quite like making garments of a print that you painted, and then converted into fabric.  It gives you such a personal connection to the garment, and is- literally-like wearing your art!  I adore this skirt, and I think I may have found a design that is simple enough for me to start replicating in other sizes in order to make my design available to other lovely ladies.  Starting in late October to early November, I plan to have an Etsy up and running with a few skirts available for purchase!
 This has been a long term dream of mine, and I am excited to see it starting to come to fruition.  This fabric was the perfect way for me to merge my love for painting and Lepidoptera with my unwavering passion for personal style.  It is often hard to find ways to merge those three things, but finishing this garment left me fulfilled- feeling like I could conquer the world with my love of colorful moths :) 

This skirt is crafted from an Organic Cotton Sateen with a soft hand and slight sheen.  The fabric is very comfortable and highly saturated.  The skirt is gathered with a fitted waistband and panel of elastic in the back for comfort and a flexible fit.  This piece is perfect for the park, paired with a fun blouse at work, or for a lunch date out with friends.  The perfect conversation piece, spectacular for bug lovers and colorful gals of all kinds!
Each moth on this skirt is a depiction of an actual, real life moth.  Many are native to the United States, and a few are native to Madagascar!
I think my not-so-pleasant cold this week gave me that extra kick I needed to get this collection on a roll.  Thursday I stayed at home with the sniffles (and with a serious case of laryngitis, ahhh!), and it was just the right amount of time I needed to get this piece sewn. I also had time to work on some jewelry, so now I have more moth necklaces available, including a Luna Moth, Cecropia, and Imperial moth, as well as Luna Moth earrings.  My plan next is to get working on a dress out of my mint colored moth fabric, hopefully it will be done by my second Wedding Anniversary (October 16th) so stay tuned.  Please let me know how you like the design, I would love to hear some feedback.  I am hoping that there are some gals out there that love colorful bugs as much as I do! As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

xo, Alyssa


  1. You are SO creative! I really admire that. Wow, this skirt is simply amazing! I LOVE it. That is so great that you turned your idea into a reality. :) Congrats!


  2. How exciting, congrats! And it's adorable! Alex

  3. Oh, Alyssa! When I saw this up on Facebook I got so excited for you. Your art is amazing, and I love colorful bugs, and I just love everything that you have done to work your way up to this point. If you sell these in your Etsy shop, I'll have to consider purchasing one! I haven't been able to buy any clothes lately since I've been making myself NOT buy things (going strong almost two months now! !!! !) so I can't guarantee any solid purchases from me, but there's always Christmas and parents who like to buy things for me for Christmas... oooh... ohhhh...

    Haha, so anyway, that was me trying to compliment your AWESOMe work on this skirt. I love the pink background and I love your illustrations. SO RAD!

  4. Your skirt is adorable! <3 When I read that you made it, I died a little inside of envy. Haha. You are so talented! I love these photos and your icy blue tights really bring the outfit together. Man, I wish I could pull off these colors! You are truly one of a kind!

    - Anna

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  5. Wow wow wow! I love your bicycle from the last post and I am so impressed by your own collection! Can't wait to see more pieces! This skirt is great and I love pictures with the balloons!
    Have a perfect start in the week beautiful Alyssa!

  6. You look especially fun and beautiful with this skirt, so funny. Love this print so original and I'm sure your next shop on Etsy will be a real success. I wish the best to you, dear Alyssa. Kisses!

  7. Completely in love with the skirt! I will definitely buy one when you start selling them (:

  8. Suuuuper cute and stylish, dear!! <3 I love this crazy colour and pattern mix! It look so amazing :)

  9. Thank you so much for your comment Alyssa! I am happy you liked the pictures from my home. If ever you come to Germany you are welcome to come over for a cup of tea and some gluten free cookies :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Omigosh, that is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard!!! Thank you so much :) You are always welcome in Delaware, too! :D xo

  10. This skirt is so you! It is completely adorable. You look so beautiful in yellow. Can I just have all your clothes!?

  11. Yes!!! I've been so excited to finally see your fabric in clothing form! it looks so great!! and I love how you posed with balloons - so cute! :) and, OH MY GOODNESS. I just saw your bike/sundae dress post. I love it, I love it! the dress turned out so perfect, and your bike looks so fun & so super you :) I'm super excited to see the mint dress when it's finished!!!!

  12. This is so perfect! I'm really proud of you - you are so talented and the skirt reflects your aesthetics so well!

    Just lovely.

    Have a fantastic day,

  13. Aww this whole outfit is adorable, the print on the skirt is just gorgeous and so creative! And I really like the photography too, everything altogether is just so sweet.

    Kathryn x