Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Harvest Moon Festival!

October is already going so fast, can you believe that Fall is in full swing?!  Well, if you were in Delaware this weekend you never would have known- in fact, if you had a case of amnesia you would swear all your money on July or August, but then again the leaves are starting to give it away.  Daniel and I have had a busy weekend, but we were so excited to attend the annual Harvest Moon Festival yesterday, sweltering temperatures or not!  The festival is held on a beautiful farm called Coverdale  (where I also take yoga classes on Tuesday nights!), and features all sorts of fun things like hayrides, food, games, a marketplace, music and arts and crafts.  This year they had these incredible Alpacas and all kinds of homespun garments from their fluffy wool (this does not harm them in any way, it is simply harvested when they get so fluffy that they need a haircut!)  We were allowed to walk up and visit them, touch their fluffy little heads and learn about them from the farmer!  
I was equally excited to style this tapestry and cotton dress that I got from the shop the other day. I was dreaming up all sorts of creative possibilities, but settled on a pair of harvest gold tights, cream floral necklace, blue rosette headband and South American style clutch; but the icing on the cake had to be the adorable acorn pin that I received from Elizabeth of Stoic & Pariah this past week.  I was absolutely delighted to receive her package on Thursday, I was having a sort of hectic day and couldn't seem to get my feet off the ground right; and her sweet gifts and kind letters really meant so much to me.  Thank you for being such an amazing pen pal, Elizabeth!!!! <3  

The shade of these trees really made for some beautiful lighting.  The leaves are slowly turning, the grass is growing golder, and the sun is retiring early.
The farmer told us that the Alpacas are very family oriented and enjoy staying together and being affectionate with one another.  Does it get any cuter than that?!
Autumn is such a wonderful time to get back into creative and adventurous endeavors; cooking, nature, art, music or whatever is inspiring you.  Every new season fresh winds blow in and stale winds blow out.  Look at the world around you, explore, have new adventures, go new places and broaden your horizons.  Try a different exercise class, make an exciting dish, walk further down the trail then before.  Push your limits and discover more about you, and what makes you unique and beautiful.  Celebrate life and the new gifts of the season!

Fall Festival + Alpacas + Kettle Korn = pure bliss!

To usher in the fall and stay active, I recently signed up for a new series of vinyasa yoga classes and Daniel and I have been going on lots of adventures on our bikes.  Unfortunately he popped a tire on our way home today, but hopefully we can fix it soon!  Last weekend we took a 22 mile trip around Newark to Milburn Orchards (hooray apple cider!) it was such a great ride, I love how free I feel on my bike!

Tonight Daniel and I will be heading up to Wilmington to visit with my Grandfather and bring him dinner.  There are so many photo albums over there that I plan to look through again, and a few more family treasures to sort through. I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend and enjoying the Fall;  hopefully the crisper, cooler weather is right around the corner, I have a major hankering for some home-made pumpkin pie! As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your day! :)
xo, Alyssa


  1. THAT DRESS. I'm in love. And the little acorn brooch?? Too cute. Looks like you had such a fun time! I love alpacas :)

    xox Sammi

  2. Alyssa, thanks so much for your last comment :)! This festivals sounds and looks great and I wish we had tempertures near to the ones in Delaware around here! Its getting so cold and I miss the hot sunshine already! Your new dress is awesome! I love the fabric and the colors! So pretty! And the necklace is super super cute too!
    Lots of love and a happy start in the week!

  3. What a gorgeous weekend we had, and your blog captures it. Thanks for all the autumn cheer!

  4. awwww :) I'm so glad you liked the package! I have a much more colorful brooch in the works for you, lady! I just don't seem to have enough free time to finish it! :( I will though! it's just taking a while :/

    I love that dress on you! and the teal with the mustard looks so awesome! also, I've been meaning to start doing yoga at this place across the street from me. I get too scared, though, 'cause I don't know the names of any moves or anything. I feel like I'd slow everyone down, haha. maybe I'll give it a try this weekend though! :)

  5. I envy you for that beautiful weather! In Romania is freaking cold!
    The photos are gorgeous! I love the Alpacas!
    The tapestry part of your dress is pure beauty, so is the necklace!

  6. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I can't believe how pretty your top is and I love these bright tights!

    Have the best day ever,

  7. Hey! You're back! ^_^ Beautiful use of color, as always <3 Rad necklace and I'm just in love with the top portion of your dress! Gorgeous textures. It looks so vintage!

    P.S. - Kettle corn r0x my s0x :D

    - Anna

  8. How exciting. I have always found alpacas pretty fascinating. I adore the tapestry print. I've wanted a piece in taperstry print for so very long I could just never find one that was exactly right or fitted correctly etc. I love it with the gorgeous shade of blue. Hope you are having a good week. I just posted a dress on my blog which reminds me of you!

  9. As fun this new stage begins with the fall, it's as if your head is in full boil, so much to do, you have caught me with your spirit! Love your look today, you inspire me always, dear Alyssa.

  10. Love this outfit, especially the top and shoes! :D

    <3 Megan

  11. What a lovely and colorfull photos!

    xx Mounia

  12. Yep, Autumn is definitely the best for getting back into creative things and doing more outdoorsy things without dying ten minutes into it... hehe, I can definitely relate to that! I just love how when October hits, the humidity in the south cuts itself in half day by day... so so nice.

    Bike trips... aaaaah! I love bikes SO much. I ride mine every day. *___* I would just love to ride bikes with you one day, Alyssa! I can dream, can't I? But yes, autumn weather is perfect for lengthy bike rides. I can't wait for a nice cool weekend so I can get some in longer than 15 miles.

    I seriously love the bodice of that dress, and especially how you added such a pretty necklace. You're lookin' so autumnal but still so bright and colorful, which I love! Have an excellent Monday, Alyssa!