Monday, August 12, 2013

Groovin through the weekend

 Wow, that went fast!  This collage sums up most of my weekend (in fashionable snapshots)- pool time and hanging out on the Chesapeake Bay with family.  I also wore the fun pink/orange/yellow floral print dress Friday night when Daniel and I also went out to our favorite Asian Restaurant- Bamboo House- Yum!  I got this dress at the boutique where I work, but if you super love it like I do (and you don't live in Delaware), you can find it here at on sale, woohoo! !   Please excuse the wind-tossed hair by the way- I had just gotten off a jetski ride courtesy of my dad (who has the need for speed!) haha.

On Sunday the family celebrated my pop-pop's 92nd birthday- 92ND!!  I can hardly believe he is that age.  I keep thinking of all the decades he's seen- most of the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's all the way through today!  How crazy it must be living in the world today seeing all of that change.  I really value him and what he means to our family- only sad that he is starting to forget things and get confused.  But we are doing everything we can to keep him comfortable and to remind him how much we care.

I was supposed to meet with Daniel's grandmother on Friday, but our plans didn't work out so hopefully we will make some sewing time this week.  I am really excited and feel determined.  I also have a new toy- a bike!!! Daniel got it for me from the Newark Bike Project, and it needs a little TLC (and some new tires) but he's been working on fixing it up for me and I've been having so much fun riding it around- it's been years since I've had my own bike and I SO missed it.  I got spray paint at JoAnne's this weekend and plan to paint it fun rainbow hues this week, and spruce her up with a  basket too- I will definitely share a before and after shot in a later post! :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week!!!! How did your weekends go? :)

xo, Alyssa


  1. you look amazing i love how bright all your images are!

  2. Looks like you had a very fashionable weekend! I love both of the dresses here!
    Happy birthday to your grandpa too!

  3. Your yellow heart sunnies are so cute! I have a similar pair in white!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. I want some pool time too ;)
    Its super nice that you are sewing together with Daniels grand ma! I love that! I want a grand ma who sews with me ;)
    Good to read that you had a good weekend and happy birthday to your grand pa!


  5. Hattitude Style Blog

    alyssa honestly...can you take a photo of your wardrobe one day? do you own anything in neutral colours. I would love to see how bright your closet is! I think that would be such a fun post to be apart of and read. I looooove all your brights!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  6. hello from a new follower! i saw your cute pictures on modcloth and came over to your blog for a visit--i love the outfits! :) can't wait to read more!

    come say hi sometime! :) i'm working on picking up my personal/style/vintage blog, and i'd love to make some friends in the blogging community!

    -katie @

  7. As usual you look so lovely! And as usual I love your outfits! :) Both dresses are so cute, and love both necklaces. Happy birthday to your grandfather! We celebrate my grandmother's 86th bday on Sunday. It is hard to believe she is that old. I'm sorry to hear his memory is starting to go, and he's getting confused.
    That's awesome that you're gonna have a rainbow bike! Yay!


  8. always such pretty dresses! i've been crushing on the modcloth dress for ages...maybe i should splurge ;) x

  9. You totally look like a 70's go-go girl here, I love it! Sounds like a fun weekend! My Great-Granny passed away earlier this year but she was 102!! I couldn't believe she'd been through so many decades either! It's crazy all the things they've seen come and go from the world.
    Can't wait to see your bike project, it sounds so fun!

  10. Even your adventures seem so colorful, Alyssa! THIS DRESS IS GORGEMOUS ON YOU! Yes, gorgemous. I made that word up, but I feel like you get my gist on its meaning. I love your big sunflower, too. I seriously have gotta make a trip to the craft store, haul away some giant flowers, and make hair clips from 'em. You're always inspiring me to do fun little crafts... ehehe!

    My weekend was pretty good. My mom and I got PEDICURES YEAH! GIRLY FUN! and did other fun girly weekend stuff without the boys... who are returning tonight! Surprise!

    92 years, wowowo! Happy Birthday to him! He's definitely a trooper *nods*. I seriously hope I can live that long, just so I can say I've lived through the decades (as he has!). He's been alive for some amazing and life-changing events, huh? :) It's really special having older grandparents like that, so cherish 'em (oh, I'm sure you do!). <3

    Have an awesome rest of the week, sweet Alyssa!!~ <3

  11. If these pictures summarises your weekend then it looks perfect and fabulous. I need your dress collection, where do you find these treasures? I adore the sunflower, what a quality touch. You just reminded me I must buy heart sunglasses too (would have been perfect with my current outfit post).... 92 sure is quite some birthday. I often think along these lines... It really is amazing how much the world would have changed during that time and to think our grandparents even saw the 1920s... Wow.

  12. I need pool time to, aw <3 Summer is almost over and I've had no time for pool yet <3