Sunday, June 30, 2013

Boxes and Boxes and...Boxes.

Well, quite a Saturday I had!  I've been wanting to get up to this HUGE warehouse in Philly, Bulk Vintage, that sells vintage clothing and (some) accessories for wholesale prices since a year or two ago when we received a postcard from them in the mail at the shop.  Since then I've been begging my boss to go up there and rummage through the boxes with me- but alas time has flown so I decided to take a visit myself!  The warehouse is open to the public on Mondays and Saturdays and the rest of the week is open by appointment only with designers, dealers, etc..  The summer probably wasn't the smartest time to check it out- since there is absolutely no temperature control in the building- but I went in hook line and sinker!  Up to my waist, throwing heaps upon heaps of vintage dresses up in the air, into other boxes, and sorting sorting sorting to find my treasures.  I didn't let the children sized gems discourage me (there were about 5 I wish I could've made my self 10 years old for again) and carried on loading pile upon pile into boxes.   
Another tip- wearing a dress like this probably isn't the best move, either.  Besides the whole "bending over issue" there was the issue of that lovely dirty clothing smell- being catapulted on to my nice, clean floral dress.  Of course this didn't stop me either- but I kind of wished I had worn pants and something a little less nice.  But hey, you live and you learn and then you get douty!  Or something like that...  At least I felt pretty after I was done!  I really love the print on this dress, I actually saw a vintage one on that had a print just like it-if it wasn't my dress, I might guess that this one was vintage too.  It has such a retro look to it, a wonderfully flattering cut and fun colors (got to have fun colors.) 
 Boy oh Boy was that fun though.  There were a lot of "almost treasures" like the bright pink Mexican dress that was just far too huge, or the white peasant top that was sadly stained, of course that is par for the course.  It's the hunt that keeps you going, the thought of "what if I hit the clothing lottery???" that keeps you moving forward.  After two hours of digging, I did come out recovering two lovely pieces from the wreckage- one is a beautiful barkloth?  neon floral vintage dress that hugs the body in all the right places, the other is a groovy, quite possibly vintage scrub.  But I could not pass up that print!  
Outfit Details:  Headband:, Bag, Pin & necklace- vintage, Dress:  Oasis,, Sunglasses: On the Bright Side Shades, Shoes: Forever21  
 Daniel and I also had lunch in the city, hit up our favorite bakery, Sweet Freedom and visited a few of our other favorite boutiques around the city before heading home.  I have such a great time adventuring for vintage!  Even if I don't find anything, just seeing all of the fun pieces out there is so inspiring!
My two vintage finds from the Bulk Vintage warehouse, all washed and clean now! :)

Today is another family day, so it's off to Chesapeake Bay to visit with some cousins who are in town and maybe do some water tubing!  Then tomorrow I am teaching summer camp for 5&6 year olds at a nearby nature center.   I am excited to be teaching again, I couldn't teach camps last summer because of my job at the shop, but this week I am off so I can focus on my camp.  It's all about things that fly- Insects, butterflies, birds and bats- haha, so much fun :)  Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! 

xo, Alyssa


  1. Sounds like you had a really great time yesterday! The dress you wore looks great on you. Very cute print, and love it paired with that orange necklace.
    The vintage dress that you found is great, too!


  2. Oh my, that sounds like a most magical place to go!! Boxes full of vintage wonders... I love finding special places where you can just sit down and sort through a bunch of stuff and enjoy the process of looking and finding. Man, I would love to go shopping with you one day. I feel like we'd savor the adventure... :D

    And I really dig that flower top you got. It's so bright and reminds me of a retro kitchenette!

    Your dress is gorgeous, Alyssa, and I love those sunnies!!

  3. First of all, LOVE the print of this Oasis dress. So beautiful! And what an exciting day! I'd love to go to a warehouse like that. The floral dress you found is adorable. And ooh, sounds like you have some fun things coming up! :)

    xox Sammi

  4. That's a lovely dress!♥ I always love the colours you wear. :)

  5. I just love your style. Great finds...this is an event I would love to attend!


  6. That place sounds amazing! I would love to dig through all kinds of vintage things! You looked so so cute in your floral dress even though it got dirty clothes smell on it. Your little bow headband is adorable with it.

  7. That sounds absolutely AMAZING!! I wish I lived closer, I would love to go thrifting with you :) Your finds are awesome and I'm totally in love with your straw purse!!


  8. I. Love. That. Bag! Seriously it's so cute. I wish I could go thrifting with you! I think we'd have a blast! :)

    xo. Mandy

  9. You amaze and inspire me every time. This is one of my absolute favourite dresses of yours because the colours are so lovely, it is so summery and the graduation of flowers is so pretty. The hair bow is stunning. I had one really similar and I was so sad when it broke. Your bag is just too adorable for words. Love you forever!

  10. What a beautiful dress! I love how the skirt is made, it's so special!
    I'd love to go to such a warehouse, too, oh my!


  11. This sounds like SUCH a fun place to dig around through! I love the two items you got and the flower dress you wore is super pretty!
    xo Hannah

  12. Oh Alyssa, you are so lovely! I know I commented on this already, but your comments are always so sweet and heartfelt and make me go asdhakjshdJASHDKJ!! and get me all smiley-like. Hehe, the gluten-free side of baking really isn't bad... in place of the flour, I used 1/2 gluten free mix and 1/2 and xantham gum! Not bad at all! And it tastes good, if not better... how 'bout that? :D :D good stuff, yeah!

    Keep on bein' a cutie!!

  13. Oh! The hunt is almost the destination. You seem to have a lot of fun stuff going on, good luck with everything!