Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Closet Expedition: refinding a rainbow gem!

Ahhh...the joy of resurrecting an old favorite.  I haven't worn this funky vintage dress for almost 2 years, and guess who found it?  My husband.  The story goes a little something like this:

Me:  "Bleh.  I have no idea what to wear today.  I want something super fun thats also really flattering and makes me feel good."
Daniel:  (walks over to closet, and searches through dresses)  
Me:  Waiting on bed patiently...

Daniel:  "What about this?  This is really cool, I've never seen you wear this!"

At first, I wasn't convinced..I am not a huge fan of button-up collars, (unless they are peter-pan style which I love) but with this dress the collar doesn't really bother me.  It's flattering and sits well, the pattern is guaranteed to make you smile, and the colors are so much fun!  Add a belt for that extra little touch, and voila!  I was feeling the winter doldrums today and I probably would have never thought to pick out this dress from the back of my closet, but it gave me the perfect "pick me up" to remind me of how much I love expressing myself through style, and why I was so excited to find this beauty on ebay in the first place! 

Ever have a day where you're just feeling kind of down?

Know that you are so special and beautiful!

Treat yourself, get dressed up, pull out an old closet favorite and don't worry about what the world thinks!! <3

In these photos Daniel and I went back to an old haunt we first discovered almost 4 years ago when we got back in touch with each other and started hanging out.  It was some kind of mill dating back to the 1800s.  Now it's mostly concrete walls, boarded up windows and graffiti, but I still think it's beautiful, even if just for being nothing more than a nostalgic memory.

He took me there as a surprise on our way up to Glen Mills, PA to check out the new Whole Foods (hey, we don't have one around here!!!)  and I could not have been happier to be there traipsing around and going on new adventures.  The place just feels like it's "ours" :)

The windbreaker in the photo was made by Seattle turned New York City designer "RHLS" or "Ruffeoheartslilsnoty"  I found these guys on almost 5 years ago and they made me this fabulous windbreaker from deadstock materials completely to my measurements and liking.  For the past few years I have worn it on and off since they (admittedly) actually made parts of it too small , (but it was too brilliant to send back!) and it seems to fit better now anyway.  I love the flashy "Sars Guard" at the top that I can sling across my chest when I get cold!  Too cool.


The New Year is a great time to start digging through your closet and resurrect old favorites with new pairings (and adventures) !

Here's a Battleplan to help you get started!

1.  If you're like me, you have a "back of the closet".  Rotate things from the back to the front so that they are the first options you see in the morning.  Think of old things you used to love wearing and go find them.  Have any new accessories you could rock them with?

2.  Have a self proclaimed "80's week" (that's what I am having this week ;)  or "60's week" or "Complimentary colors" week or "Animal pattern" week.  This will give you a chance to pull out a whole slew of clothes of the same theme, and you are certain to find a few pieces you haven't worn in a while, and now you have the excuse to!

3.  Theme your closet by color.  This would take me forever and a year, everything is a hodge podge and mixed together and I have way too many "more than one color" dresses, but this is a good way to get organized and remember what you have!

4.  Host a clothing swap party!  *this is on my to do list* Go through your closet, find old flames that have burnt out and invite some friends over to exchange them with!  You might end up with something fun and new for yourself too!  This is also a great option if your clothes are a little too tight or a little too loose or just don't "feel like you" anymore.  

  Any old outfits your hoping to rock again this year? :)



  1. I've been swooning over all your pretty outfits on the Modcloth gallery :-) You have such a knack for mixing it! Old and kind of creepy places like this (especially nostalgic ones) are always my favorite type of location to take photos and explore.

    I definitely remix my closet over and over again. I'm thinking of pulling out this eastery dress I have from several years back and working it into an outfit again. We shall see!

    xo Marisa

    1. Thank you so much Marisa :0) That compliment means a lot from you! You are really the queen of mixing and matching all sorts of fun colors, patterns, and adorable items to make one awesome ensemble!

      Ahhh I love exploring abandoned places, it's an old love of mine and for some reason it makes me so ecstatic every time. My husband knows just where to take me to get me back from 0 to 60, haha! Thanks so much for stopping by, and can't wait to see that fun eastery dress you have hanging in the closet! :)

  2. I really livek it - your husband chose well! You wear colors so well - it always impresses me how well you mix together bright colors. Makes me want to venture a bit more into brights on brights.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails// fawn pendant giveaway

    1. Aw, so sweet of you to say Katherine. I absolutely adore your style, and am really flattered that I influence you. And yes, the hubby did well. Sometimes they do know what they're talking about ;)

  3. Hello. Just found you. Must say that I completely adore everything about this dress.
    It's so bright and colorful.

    1. Thank you so much! I was really happy that I pulled it out again :) Sometimes you forget the joy of an "old dress". Do you have a blog, too? Please send me a link, I'd love to check it out!!


      It's really rough around the edges. I'm still learning all this fancy web design stuff. :)

    3. I think your site is adorable :) I am now a follower, yay! haha

  4. Hey there beauty!
    Your blog is so cute! I love the background and I love your outfits! So many colors, so beautiful! It makes me really happy to look at all this :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Please just let me know on my blog. THANKS :)


  5. Hey there :)
    I am following you now :) happy you want to follow me too :)
    Can't wait to see your next post!


  6. I love how much you play with color Alyssa! You always look so fun and pretty :). Oh and I love seeing all your pictures on the Modcloth style gallery, I'm such a fan!



    Southern (California) Belle

  7. wow this dress is so pretty the colours are amazing!! x