Sunday, January 13, 2013

"And the fog comes up from the sewers and glows in the dark"

Glorious fog...Delaware has been getting a lot of it lately.  And what does that mean to me? Besides zero visibility, it's a fabulous photography opportunity!  So off I went to face the fog today in bright mint, yellow, orange and neon pink. I have really been feeling bright colors this winter (although, when do I not?).  I have never been into dulling things down during the colder seasons, and I have decided that if I am feeling "summer" colors in 30 degree weather, than I will wear just that.  Luckily, it was not 30 degrees today... but probably in the mid 40s.  It was cold enough for my eyes to start pouring tears after this photoshoot, but it was so worth it!  I have always found something so mysterious yet cozy about the fog... it's sort of like a thick dewey blanket, wrapping itself around you, while keeping whatever is behind it a secret. 

And I am soo excited about this outfit!  I got a Francesca's gift card from my parents for Christmas and my friend Beth and I made a trip up to Greenville to check out the shop (as well as a fun vintage shop I frequent) and I stumbled across this gorgeous mint dress.  I really wanted something with sleeves, there are so many charming dress styles that are sleeveless, but I really adore a sleeved dress, they are more cozy and flattering in my opinion (atleast for me ;).  So when I stumbled upon this, I knew I should make it mine.  The clutch?!  Ahhh!!! $12!!  Only $12, I couldn't believe it!  But I do believe their sale is still going on if you want to check it out.  It looks like mint and coral are making another full go in the fashion world, which is perfectly fine with me since they are two of my favorite colors (especially together).  But I decided to go a little more bright rather than romantic with this one, and I had so much fun doing it!  

I thought it was nice how the fog created this amazing, serene looking backdrop (it's just our local park!) and for such a bright and loud outfit, I really liked the contrast of it.. I was excited to get the dramatic, blurry background with the colors in focus.  The wind also picked up on the top of the hill and pushed my hair around which was nice for "effect" haha.

Neverending sky...

The jumping pictures are always my favorite to pose for ;)

By the end of this shoot I was definitely ready for my coat :)

So are you trying any mint or coral for the winter?  I've seen it everywhere, and I love to put my own spin on it.   I like pairing it with neons just because it makes me smile!  Try neon pink to really pack a punch, or go coral for a more subtle and delicate contrast.   

I had such a great time playing in the fog today, and I hope you enjoyed shuffling through my photos!



  1. Amazing photos! The colours really pop against the misty background.

    1. Thanks so much!! Yea, the fog was awesome; it was my first time experimenting with photos in it and I'm glad they turned out well! (kudos to the hubby, haha)

  2. You are beyond cute! I always see your pictures on the style gallery as well! I love how you play with color, you aren't afraid of it and it's executed perfectly. I have to ask, how do you take your jumping pictures? I'd love to experiment!



    Southern (California) Belle

    1. Thank you so much Ashley!! :D The jumping pictures are always so much fun! I just have my husband adjust the dial on the top (I have a CANON DSLR) to the action sign (the man running) and then I just go to town jumping and jumping for about 2 or 3 minutes till we catch a few good ones haha! The action setting ensures that we catch shots of me up in the air :)

  3. This outfit is, like... perfect!