Friday, October 12, 2012

Clashing Correctly: Great Ways to Mix Patterns and Prints!

     We've all seen it before...the outfit that just completely clashes, and not in the right way--at all.  It can be eye-catching, yet disastrous all at once.  And then there are the ones where we cock our heads and say "Wow, that outfit looks amazing but I would never think to put it together!"  Well, fortunately, there is a right way to clash (and to heck with the "right way"really, but if you're looking for a more fashionable or graceful way to clash, I am here to help!!).  I am all about clashing and mixing.  There is a certain art to it and it can take a little practice and experimentation, but with a little bit of tweaking it can come out really fun and make the pieces in your outfit really POP!  Clashing is a great way to really mix up your wardrobe and reinvent some of your favorite outfits without buying anything new.  I find that with enough mixing people still manage to think I wear something different every single day, but shhhhh secretly, I just mix everything up every day!! So don't give away my secret, but please do use it to your advantage!  Remember that as well as mixing patterns and prints, a great way to switch things up is to layer.  Put a skirt over a dress or  pick a cozy scarf to go with an old top; wear some printed tights under a pair of shorts to take them into the fall and use cardigans to go with sleeveless dresses and tops.  Between layering and mixing your patterns and prints, there are so many new outfits just waiting to be unveiled!

How to pair prints and patterns:

The best and easiest way to pair different patterns and prints is to pick ones that have a mutual color or color theme.  The simplest way to do this is to use floral prints.  In my example I used a few floral prints, but I also broke it up with an example of cross-prints if you will- which is really just my term for "two different types of prints" one is polka dot and the other is floral, their similar color is white (they both sport a white background) so even though there is a lot of difference between them- the white makes it work!  Also- the white and black polka dot is neutral- so it is a great pairing with the crazy pink, blue and yellow neons.  The floral dress and scarf on the left both sport a bright magenta and yellow tones, and the cardigan and dress in the middle both have that rich coral orange that makes them work great together.
If you are looking for a little extra "ummph" in your outfit mixing prints is a fantastic way to do it!  Not only does it bring more color and texture to the outfit, but it emphasizes the look and the boldness of each print.

How I wear it:
The mutual color in all of my prints was a bright/almost pink red.  I also tried to go with similar flowers in all of my patterns and chose to do a little color matching.  I went with the yellow headband to go with my skirt, and red leggings to emphasize the red color theme in the floral prints.  I went a little crazy with it and did a skirt/dress, cardigan, scarf and clutch all in different prints, but if that is a bit too daring for you it would be just as well to start with just a cardigan, dress, and statement necklace.  
The yellow headband is part of my collection from the Lemon Moth which can be made to order :)  I absolutely love texture and thought this headband gave just the right amount to top it all off.
Just a close up so you can see how the mutual color really ties all of these prints together, while still giving the look of a "fashionable clash"
Scarf- thrifted, headband "The Lemon Moth", cardigan-, dress- kohl's, leggings-H&M, shoes- fashionbug

And a special thanks to my hubby who gave me this awesome cardigan for our first wedding anniversary, you're the best! <3

Here are some ideas for inspiration- and all super affordable!

Print and Pattern Clash

Happy Friday! <3


  1. I love the Windsor site with the floral boots - inexpensive, free ground shipping! I found a few pairs I can ask the hubby to buy! Thank you!

  2. i love this!!! i really quite enjoy mixing prints and this is a really fun and bright way to do it

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Thanks so much Katherine!!! I am glad you enjoy the mixed prints :D